Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 592

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Chapter 592: Everything was wrong

Because this yard was built in a dense jungle just because of a single hot spring, other than the emperor, there were only a few trusted subordinates of the emperor that knew about this yard.

There were no guards, maids, or eunuchs because every time the emperor came here, he came for a peaceful rest and did not like other people disturbing him.

So Zhui Feng did not dream that he would meet enemies in his own territory!


Yes, this person was definitely not a friend.  Zhui Feng was certain that this black clothed person was not the emperor.

He had been with the emperor many years and knew the emperor’s figure like the back of his hand.  Although this black clothed man was around the same height as the emperor, but his body was much more bulky and his body temperature was much lower.  When his hand was on his neck, it was like the claw of a ghost, bone chilling.

Zhui Feng lied there on the ground.  Although his body could not move, his mind was a mess of thoughts, thinking of ideas one after the other.

Who was this black clothed man that suddenly made a move?  Why had he stopped him? If he really was an enemy, why did he not just kill him?

If the Princess Dowager was brought here by the emperor, then what where did this black cloth man come from?  Was he planning to assassinate the emperor?

Suddenly he thought of a large possibility.  If he could move his mouth, he would have screamed out already.

Wrong!  Everything was wrong!

The one who took the Princess Consort was not the emperor, but rather this black clothed man!

He and King Jing An were wrong!

Zhui Feng loudly shouted out in his mind.

When he arrived in the royal family’s other yard, he thought that this matter was related to the emperor.  But in reality, he had been by the emperor the entire time and he knew that the emperor did not have the time nor was he that bored to play such a large prank on King Jing An.

It was a pity that no matter how loudly he shouted, Chu Shao Bai had already gone far away and could not hear him anymore.

After that cloak wearing black clothed man immobilized Zhui Feng, he listened closely for sound around him.  When he heard no one around, he immediately returned into the yard.

It was like he was very familiar with this place, like he had been here a hundred times.  He quickly jumped over the high wall of trees.

The smell of sulphur lingered in the air and warm air drifted up above the trees.  Behind them was a natural hot spring.

He passed through the three wall and walked beside the pool.  On a stone bench beside the pool, there was a green clothed young girl.

There were peach blossom trees beside the pool and there were lanterns hanging from the branches.  Under the dim lit, it faintly lit up the young girl’s face who was revealed to be Chen Ning.

Her acupuncture point had been poked by the black clothed man and could not move at all.  She could only stare forward with wide, sparkling eyes, looking black clothed man without even blinking.

On the stone bridge, the black clothed man had suddenly appeared by her side and she did not notice him at all.

She just felt a cold chill and she suddenly gave a shiver.  She found that there was an extra cold hand on her back that was cold and stiff, like a stone statue.  Then her acupuncture point had been poked and she fell into a cold embrace.

With a “pa” sound, that mirror fell from her hands and landed on the floor.

But neither of them paid it any attention.

Chen Ning’s first reaction was that someone wanted the Profound Cold Iron Stone, but she found that she was wrong because that person did not even spare a glance at the box by her feet.  He placed her in his embrace and his black cloak covered her from head to toe. Then he turned into a shadow in the night, quickly disappearing from sight.

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