Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 591

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Chapter 591: Deliberate teasing

“The truth is in front of us, is there a need to say anything?  Do you think it is fun playing with this king? Zhui Feng, this king did not think that you would lie to this king with the emperor.  Bringing me in a circle and watching my silly anxious appearance, was it very interesting?”

Chu Shao Bai was feeling more angry as he spoke as veins popped out on his forehead.  He remembered the worry, anxiety, sadness, and regret he felt this night……All these emotions had tortured him until he was crazy, but he never thought that it was deliberate teasing by someone else!

A cheated and humiliated sensation filled his entire body.

He angrily glared at Zhui Feng, wishing that he could make two holes on Zhui Feng’s face.

Zhui Feng was tongue tied as he stuttered out, “No…..It’s not like this.  Your highness, listen to this subordinate’s explanation. It really isn’t like this, the emperor, the emperor…..”  He could not keep speaking. If he said that the emperor did not take away the princess, then he would not believe it either.

This was clearly the royal palace’s other courtyard and was the most loved place of the emperor’s.  There was a natural hot spring here and when the emperor’s heart was in chaos, he liked to come here and take a soak.

“Zhui Feng, if you say another word, do you believe this king won’t kill you!”  Chu Shao Bai said word for word.”

“……”  Zhui Feng closed his mouth.

Chu Shao Bai looked up and took a deep look at the yard.  His heart was filled with sadness and bitterness. He did not say a single word and turned to leave.

“Your highness…..”  Zhui Feng wanted to call out to him, but after saying two words, he closed his mouth.

He couldn’t help secretly complaining about the emperor.  Master, ah master, if you want to tease King Jing An, can you not take this subordinate down with you!  Your subordinate has always been loyal, but you heartlessly drag this subordinate down with you. Is that really fine?

It was no wonder Chu Shao Bai’s nose was crooked from anger.  He waved his sleeve to leave and his heart was filled with a rage that would not subside.

He stared at him and also wanted to leave, but thinking about it, he could not leave!

Even if his master teased him a hundred times, he was still his master.  He was his master’s secret guard, so wherever his master went, he would also be there!

Zhui Feng gave a sigh and jumped over the wall in a resigned manner.

Before his feet had even reached the ground, he suddenly felt a hidden danger approaching.

This is bad!

His mind went on alert and wanted to dodge, but he didn’t react in time.  He suddenly felt an ice cold hand grip onto his throat and he could not breathe.

Another finger heavily poked his body and he could not move.

Damn, he had been ambushed!

Zhui Feng was angry and anxious.  He opened his eyes wide, wanting to see who it was that ambushed him.

He saw a black clothed, tall man wearing a black cloak that completely covered his body.  Under the dark night, he could not see the other side’s face. He only saw a pair of clear, sparkling cold eyes.

Those eyes looked over his face without any emotions and threw him away like he was a piece of trash.  That black cloak danced like a butterfly in the wind and after fluttering a bit, he disappeared back into the yard.

Zhui Feng was filled with rage.  He gritted his teeth and angrily cursed out in his heart.

Despicable villain!  Daring to ambush someone, what kind of hero are you!

It was a pity his acupuncture point had been poked and he could say a single word.

If they were to compare martial arts, in a duel, there was no one in the world that could stop him.  However, when he jumped over the wall, he had relaxed his senses and did not have any defenses. In the end, he had actually been ambushed!

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