Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 583

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Chapter 583: Unwilling to throw away a single one

“What did you say?”  Chu Shao Bai quickly turned around and grabbed her wrist, “Can you say it again?  Did you see her? Where is she?”

Liu Wan Ting’s face slightly turned red as she looked down without saying a word, revealing a shy expression on her face.

She had never come in contact with a man before.  She felt a warm feeling coming from his hand as they tightly gripped her hands, making her helpless.  She wanted to let go, but she was also unwilling, making a strange feeling surge through her heart.

“I’m sorry.  Miss, did you really see her?  Quickly tell me, where is she?”

Chu Shao Bai finally realized his mistake.  He let go of her hand, but his eyes continued to stare at her face.

Liu Wan Ting couldn’t help feeling jealous and sad.  She secretly thought, you’re still saying she not your love?  If she wasn’t your lover, then why are you so anxious?

She took a breath and pointed below the bridge, “Yes, I saw her.  She just left with a black clothed young master.”

“Black clothed young master?  What did that young master look like?”  Chu Shao Bai’s heart skipped a beat.

“Un, that young master was very tall and he was wearing a black cloak.  Although I couldn’t see his face, he was very good to that girl. He used his arms to protect her, just like she was his lover.”  Liu Wan Ting said while blinking.

“Really?  How can you be sure that girl is the one I’m looking for?”

Chu Shao Bai looked at her with a gaze filled with half doubt.

“Young master, the girl you were looking for was wearing light green clothes like me and she had large, black, sparkling eyes.  That’s right, I also heard that black clothed young master call her…..call her…..That’s right, call her Ning’er!” Liu Wan Ting said what she remembered which sounded more and more like the real thing.

Chu Shao Bai was shocked and happy.  In a trembling voice, he said, “Then how long was it since they left?  Which direction did they leave in?”

“They went in that direction.”  Liu Wan Ting pointed out.

Chu Shao Bai followed the direction she pointed in and saw a crowd of people.  Where did he see Chen Ning and as for that tall, black clothed man, there was not even half a trace of him.

But in the bottom of his heart, he knew that the man Liu Wan Ting spoke of was Mo Chuan.

He couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief as he thought in his mind: She really did leave with him.

But she couldn’t wait to tell him about it first?

Did she not know how worried he was when she silently disappeared like this?

He almost jumped into the lake to look for her!

“Un, I understand.  Thank you, miss.” Chu Shao Bai nodded at Liu Wan Ting and held the two boxes as he walked off the bridge.

His heart was sad and painful, and he was unable to describe this emotion.

He already knew that she did not belong to him, but even the happy times her spent by her side was also being taken away?

When she saw Mo Chuan, she did not even think of him.  She completely forgot about him, even forgetting to take away the prize she had won.

Because she did not care about these things at all!

The one she liked was the emperor, was there anything she couldn’t have?  He knew that as long as she wanted something, the emperor would think of a way to obtain it for her!

But he wanted all of these things because each one had a smile from her attached to it.  As long as he looked at these little things, he would be able to think of this day. There was not a single one he was willing to throw away.

Chu Shao Bai’s eyes were empty as he walked off the bridge.  Liu Wan Ting watched his back as a proud and sly smile appeared on her lips.

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  1. fatjona17 says:

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  2. I can’t believe this girl, she’s really evil. Also how can he believe CN would leave just like that. I have a feeling some thing bad has happened.

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