Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 582

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Chapter 582: News on her

Although this old man nodded, it was clear that he thought otherwise.  He thought that he was just too shy to admit it.

Chu Shao Bai did not bother explaining, letting them misunderstand.

Everyone began to spread out to look for Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Bai stood on the stone bridge, standing where Chen Ning had been not that long ago.  His hands were pressed on the ice cold stone and his heart had been frozen.

He looked down below at the group of people on both sides of the river, wishing that he could recognize a familiar figure in the crowd.

Although he knew it was futile, he still had to look.

Because he had realized that she had not left on her own.  Some accident must have happened.

He could not think of a reason why she would leave without saying goodbye.

“Yi?”  His eyes unconsciously looked over and his pupils shrunk.

Not far away from him was a patch of darkness and there was something sparkling there.

He walked over and picked it up.  With a single glance, his throat felt tense.

This was the glass mirror that she had just won!

There was also a box containing the Profound Cold Iron Stone and also a large box containing all the prizes that she had won in the patch of darkness.

He opened the box and found the Profound Cold Iron Stone, then he opened the other box and found that not a single prize was missing.

It was only her that was missing!

“Ning’er!  Ning’er!” Chu Shao Bai tightly held these two boxes while calling out.  His voice was very high, like he was about to cry.

He was filled with self loathing and regret.  Why had he been so careless, leaving her here by herself.  In the end, she had encountered an accident!

If anything happened to her, he…..he…..how could he keep living!  His entire life would be overwhelmed in pain and regret!

“That’s right, could she have been taken away by the emperor again?”

That idea flashed in his mind and instantly his heart of despair was filled with hope again.

Yes, it had to be like this!

If had to be the emperor who took her away and deliberately didn’t tell him about it, letting him worry.  He wanted to punish him for taking her away secretly to see the lantern festival.

But this kind of punishment almost scared him to the point where he lost half his life!

Chu Shao Bai’s heart instantly felt relieved.  If the person that took her away was the emperor, then she would not be in danger.

But what if it wasn’t?

His heart kept going up and down.  Staying here was not a method, so he decided to go find Zhui Feng.

Even if she was taken by someone else, with Zhui Feng’s skills, he would surely find her!

As Chu Shao Bai prepared to leave, a soft and clear voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Please wait!”

His body trembled as he quickly turned around.  He saw a light green clothed girl appear on the bridge, currently running towards him.

Under the moonlight, the figure did look like her.

But Chu Shao Bai immediately saw that it wasn’t her!

This girl in light green clothes was Liu Wan Ting who he had saved.

His long brows instantly knit slightly and he said in an impatient voice, “Miss, why did you not go home?  Are you not afraid someone else will cause troubles for you?”

Liu Wan Ting rushed over and stopped in front of him.  She was panting, making her two cheeks turn red, making her even more beautiful.

But Chu Shao Bai did not take an extra glance as he turned to leave.

“Young master, don’t leave!”  Liu Wan Ting reached out to grab his clothes and anxiously shouted, “I am here to give you news on the girl you’re looking for.”

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