Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 584

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Chapter 584: Saving someone to the end

She did not know who the girl he was looking for was at all.  Everything she had said was made up, but he had actually fallen for her lies.

Humph, he was someone she had her eyes set on, she would not permit another woman in his heart!

Her eyes rolled and then she chased after Chu Shao Bai.

“Young master, young master!  Wait for me!” She ran forward.

Chu Shao Baid did not hear her at all.  When Liu Wan Ting grabbed his sleeve did he finally turn around and look at her.  He knit his brows again and wanted to pull his sleeve from her grasp, but she tightly held on.

“Miss, is there anything else you need?”

“Young master, you’re leaving like this?”  Liu Wan Ting bit her lips, looking very shy.

“Leave?  I don’t want to leave, but she is already gone, so what reason do I have for staying?”  Chu Shao Bai’s heart was filled with pain as he asked this rhetorical question.

His eyes swept over the sea of people in front of him.  There were many people walking around the lantern festival, but the person he wanted to see the most was not there.

At this time, she should be looking at the lanterns with her most loved person, right?

Everyone was in pairs, smiling as they walked around.  There was only him standing by himself, feeling dejected.

“Young master, please wait for me.”  Liu Wan Ting saw him turn and leave, so she quickly ran after him, “This young girl still has a request for this young master.”

“What request?”  Chu Shao Bai did not turn around, but his voice already contained a trace of impatience.

“Young master, this young girl’s house is very far from here and I am all alone.  The sky is also getting dark and this young girl is afraid. I wish to ask this young master to send me back, is that alright?”  Liu Wan Ting looked at Chu Shao Bai with a pitiful gaze.

“……”  Chu Shao Bai’s heart filled with annoyance.  His eyes turned cold and he said, “This young master has no time.”

“Young master, on account of this young girl telling you what happened to that girl, can you help this young girl once.  This young girl is afraid of meeting those strong men again. Since young master had helped me once, then you should help me to the end.  Is this young master will to see this little girl fall into the hands of those strong men again?”

Liu Wan Ting had tears in her eyes and her voice was very soft.  There was also the moon shining on her making her look very intoxicating.  For a beautiful girl like this to give a request, there was not a single man in the world that could reject her.

Chu Shao Bai’s heart skipped a beat.

Of course he wasn’t moved by Liu Wan Ting’s appearance, but rather her saying “saving someone to the end”.  Thinking of those violent and outrageous East Qin men, his heart was filled with indignation once again.

If this delicate girl in front of him were to fall in the hands of those men again, there was only death.

“Alright, I’ll send you back.  Where is your home?” Chu Shao Bai nodded.

Liu Wan Ting’s heart was filled with joy, but her face was very dignified.  Moving back to steps, keeping a set distance from Chu Shao Bai, she then said, “Many thanks young master.  This young girl’s home is in the south gate’s Sunrise Lane.”

“Sunrise Lane?”  Chu Shao Bai thought about it, “Isn’t that Historian Liu’s manor?  Could this miss be……”

He finally took a good look at Liu Wan Ting.  She was also wearing light green clothes, but the style was more complicated compared to Chen Ning’s and it was much more beautiful.  There were silver silk threads lining her cuffs and neckline, her hair had a orchid pearl hairpin in it, and there were snow white coral bracelets on her wrists.

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