Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 579

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Chapter 579: Saving her, not intentional

When the large man at the side saw that his comrade’s wrist had been broken, he let out an angry roar and grabbed at Chu Shao Bai.

Liu Wan Ting suddenly called out, “Young master, be careful!”

Chu Shao Bai’s eyebrows jumped up and placed her behind him.  Then he reached out his right hand and with a series of “pa, pa, pa” sounds, the large man’s face suffered several heavy slaps.

He attacked so fast that the large man did not even have time to react.

There was an enthusiastic cheer that came from the crowd.

The large men were angry and embarrassed.  They loudly shouted as they charged at Chu Shao Bai.

Chu Shao Bai waved his sleeve and the large men felt an overwhelming power coming from in front of them.  They couldn’t stand still and were knocked back, falling heavily on their butts.

“Miss, don’t be afraid.  With me here, they can’t do anything to you.”  Chu Shao Bai looked back at the girl behind him.

Because she had been tightly gripping his clothes and trembling like a little rabbit.

Liu Wan Ting felt that his voice was too beautiful and couldn’t help looking up at him.

His back had been against the light earlier and she couldn’t see his appearance.  She only saw his white as snow robe and his tall and straight stature.

She looked up and an incredibly handsome face appeared in her eyes.  With his brows as black as distant mountains, exquisite face, and his skin as white as snow, her heart could not help skipping a beat.

“Young master, many thanks for saving Wan’er.  I……I really don’t know how to thank this young master.  I ask for this young master’s high name. As well, where do you live?  Wan’er will thank this young master for this life saving grace in the future.”

Liu Wan Ting’s heart beat as fast as a deer racing.  Her face was flushed red as she thanked Chu Shao Bai.

She lived deep in her family and her family strictly tutored her, not leaving her house or even leaving her yard.  So, although King Jing An was very famous in the capital city, she had never seen him before.

Her coming out to see the lanterns had been her secretly sneaking out, she had not brought her guards or maids.  She never thought that she would encountry this kind of catastrophe. She was so scared that her soul almost flew out, but this beautiful young man with the snow white robe had suddenly came out.  His martial arts was strong and he was so handsome, she was suddenly at a loss and lost her heart in one fell swoop.

She completely forgot all the courtesy rituals that she had been taught.  She even used her own nickname, clearly expressing her love for Chu Shao Bai.

How could Chu Shao Bai understand the complex emotions of girls, he did not think too much about it.

Him saving her had been unintentional.  His brows jumped up and then he said in an uncaring voice, “No need.”

Liu Wan Ting’s eyebrows fell, covering her eyes filled with disappointment.  She prepared to continue speaking when Chu Shao Bai suddenly pushed her behind him.

She heard strange sounds around her as over ten large men suddenly jumped up from the ground.  They charged to the cart to pick up weapons and then charged at Chu Shao Bai.

“Young master, be careful!”

“Young master, quickly hide!”

The crowd screamed as they scattered in all directions.  There were quite a few good hearted people calling out reminders to Chu Shao Bai.

Chu Shao Bai revealed a calm smile, as if he did not even see these large men charging at him with raised weapons.

The citizens saw a white flash in front of them and they heard a “ding, ding, dang, dang” sound as a bunch of weapons fell to the ground.

Then looking at the large men, their hands were all completely empty.

In that moment just now, Chu Shao Bai had used his empty hand to grab all their weapons and throw them onto the ground.

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