Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 580

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Chapter 580: Where did these beasts come from

The large men were all stunned and the citizens broke out in happy cheers.

“What kind of thing are you!  Daring to block these masters’ good thing!”

A big man that seem to be the leader pointed at Chu Shao Bai and shouted at him.

His voice rang out like a bell, but the words were very strange and unpronounced.  It could barely be understood.

Chu Shao Bai was a bit stunned.  His brows raised and he said, “You aren’t people of the West Chu Country, where did you beasts come from?”

That large man angrily shouted out as he pulled out a knife.  He charged at Chu Shao Bai as he cursed.

“Little beast, daring to mock my East Qin.  I will cut off your dog head!”

It was someone of the East Qin Country!

Chu Shao Bai gave a cold laugh and suddenly made his move.  He grabbed the large man’s collar and raised his hand, sending the large man flying high into the air.  He let go in midair and the large man fell into the river with a “putong” sound.

The surrounding East Qin men did not react before Chu Shao Bai made a move against them.  They were all thrown into the river like turtles.

In the blink of an eye, the shore had become quiet.

The several dozen large man sank in the river and began to float down stream.  They loudly cursed out, wishing they could peel off Chu Shao Bai’s skin, but they were now afraid of Chu Shao Bai’s skills.  There was no one that dared to climb back to shore and go against him.

The citizens broke out in thunderous applause.

Those girls bound in the cart were helped down by their family members and their binding were untied.  They shyly thanked Chu Shao Bai one by one. Each of them looked at Chu Shao Bai with worship and gratitude and many of them fell in love with him.

Liu Wan Ting was one of those people.

Ever since Chu Shao Bai had saved her, her eyes had not left his face.

She became braver and when she prepared to ask him where he lived and his name, she did not get to speak before Chu Shao Bai said.

“You should all quickly go home, these people will not stop with this.  I can save you once, but it’s not certain I can save you all a second time.”

His heart felt gloomy at this moment.  Although he had taught those East Qin men a lesson, thinking of how these East Qin men dared to steal their country’s women under the emperor’s eyes, this was simply not putting their West Chu Country in their eyes at all!

After ten years, East Qin had become even more arrogant.  They already treated West Chu as part of their own country and were arbitrarily bullying them.

When would they be able to stand up straight and no longer be bullied by these East Qin people!

But East Qin had captured their West Chu lifeline who was also his father!  As long as his father was alive, West Chu would have to bow down to East Qin.

Was he hoping for his father to die?

Although he was surrounded by a crowd and people looked at him in worship like he was a hero, he was not feeling happy at all.

He hoped that in the competition three days from now, Chen Ning would give the East Qin Country a slap to the face and create a beautiful turnaround so that East Qin would no longer dare look down on West Chu!

When he thought of Chen Ning, his heart became warm and his eyes lit up.

But when he looked up to look at the bridge, he found that where Chen Ning was standing was empty and his body was covered in a cold sweat.

“Ning’er!  Ning’er!”

Chu Shao Bai’s heart skipped a beat and he jumped up without even thinking.

At this time, Liu Wan Ting boldly grabbed at his sleeve.  She grabbed the hem of his sleeve, but Chu Shao Bai activated his qinggong and swept over the crowd.  She was caught off guard and fell to the ground.

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