Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 578

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Chapter 578: Let go of that girl

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned slightly red.  His brows sudden knit as he looked down at the river.

“What happened over there?”

Chen Ning also heard the commotion from under the bridge and looked down.  

She saw that the romantic mood of the lanterns floating was gone and the young girls on the shore were in a panic.  They all went to the side of their family members.

There were several dozen large men that entered the crowd.  One that had green eyes like a wolf looked over the young girls and walked over to grab one, looking her over.

It was like he was moved by her beauty and threw her into the horse cart at the side.

All the girls thrown into the carriage had been bound up and their mouths had been gagged.  They couldn’t cry even if they wanted to.

“Let go of my woman!”

“Who are you guys?  Daring to steal women in public like this!”

“This is right under the emperor’s foot, do you even put the laws in your eyes?”

The families of many women and young girls were filled with rage.  They charged forward, wanting to save the kidnapped women.

Who would have thought those dozens of men would be very strong.  Their right arms were like a mass of muscle and their hands were like palms, clearly people that had practiced martial arts before.

A large man charged forward to grab a citizen and lifted him high up like a chicken.  Suddenly letting go, that person went flying far in the distance.

The other people all shouted out in unison.  They saw that person fall down high from the air and land in the river with a “putong” sound.

“Save me!  Save me!” That person popped their head out of the water before falling back in.

There was a series of “putong, putong” sounds as several more people were thrown into the river in the blink of an eye.

Everyone saw this, but still charged forward.  Who knew where these men came from, but not only were they arrogant, they even knew martial arts.

How could the citizens be a match for them?  In an instant, like dumplings being thrown in the water, the water splashed everywhere as citizen after citizen was thrown into the water.

“These people are so bold!  Daring to kidnap young women, they are truly arrogant!  Ning’er, stay here and don’t move, I’ll go teach them a lesson!”

When Chu Shao Bai saw this, how could he hold himself back.

He stood on his tiptoes and jumped down from the bridge.

A man had pulled a young girl from the crowd.  The young girl was struggling, screaming out for help with a pale face.

But the citizens saw the large men being very violent, throwing people away after grabbing them.  If they were lucky they would fall into the river and not die yet. If they were unlucky, they were thrown onto the rocks and their heads bled, making it unknown if they were still alive.

Everyone was stunned and no one dared to move forward to save the young girl.

“Let go of that girl!”

Suddenly, a pleasant voice came from the air as the whistling of wind blowing against robes.

Everyone saw a blur in front of their eyes and they saw a white clothed figure falling down from the sky like an immortal descending to earth.

When Chu Shao Bai was in the air, he reached out with his right arm and grabbed the man’s right wrist.  Hearing a “kacha” sound, the large man gave a pitiful crying like a slaughtered pig as his wrist was broken by Chu Shao Bai.

That young girl who had escaped the large man’s grasp stood there in a daze.  A pair of bright and wide sparkling eyes looked at the white clothed young man that fell from the sky.

Chen Ning found that this young girl was a bit familiar, with her round face that had an intelligent look to it.  It was actually Liu Wan Ting who she had met before.

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