Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 571

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Chapter 571: Bold girls

Chen Ning seriously nodded.  From what she could see, each lantern was an embodiment of the hard work put in by the maker.  These ingenious ideas were a true eye opener for someone from the modern era like her.

She really did put a coin in each one of the cash boxes.

Leaving the lantern booth, the two of them continued walking forward.

Although the night became darker, the lanterns released light, turning the black sky red.  It also illuminated the smiling faces of the people enjoying the lanterns.

As the yearly lantern festival, the young girls and boys all looked forward to this day because it allowed them to meet others.

Chen Ning would sometimes see a young man running around with a young woman with their robes fluttering behind them.  Their face were red as they loving looked at each other, expressing their interest in one another.

She also saw some girls holding a beautiful little lantern in their hands.  When they met a man they liked, they would move forward with red faces and give the lantern in their hands to the man.  If the man accepted it, it meant that he accepted the girl’s feelings.

Of course, there were some exceptionally handsome men that received lanterns from multiple girls.

Chu Shao Bai was one of those people.

After taking just a few steps, Chen Ning found that Chu Shao Bai was in the center of a group of robes.

Although he wore a mask, his distinct grace and otherworldly temperament made him very eye catching.  Many girls looked at him with gazes of admiration, but he did not look at them at all.

“This young master, please accept this lantern.”  A bold girl came from the crowd and presented the lantern in her hand toward Chu Shao Bai with a blush on her face.

“Young master, this servant’s lamp was personally made by this servant.  I ask the young master to accept it.”

“This is my lantern…..”

In the blink of an eye, Chu Shao Bai had seven-eight different coloured lanterns in his hands.

He threw all the lanterns onto the ground without any hesitation and grabbed Chen Ning’s hand, leaving without looking back.  He ignored all the broken hearts he left behind him.

“Shameless, those girls are all shameless!”  He was so annoyed that he threw his sleeves back.

Chen Ning giggled while looking at him.

“What are you laughing at?”  Chu Shao Bai looked over at her.

“Nothing.”  Chen Ning looked away while smiling.  Then she suddenly pointed at a group of people in front of them, “Xiao Bai, look at the puzzles over there!”

“You like that?  Let’s go, we’ll go look at the puzzles!”

He grabbed her hand and brought her through the crowd, arriving in front of the tall stage.

There was a sea of people in front of the high stage and if Chu Shao Bai did not secretly use his internal energy, the two of them would not have been able to squeeze through.

There were hundreds of lanterns on the stage and each one was beautifully crafted.  Under each lamp, there was a piece of paper that had a riddle written on it.

As long as one guessed the riddle on the lantern, they would receive a corresponding gift.

Of course the riddles on each lantern was not the same.  The harder it was, the more valuable the prize.

When they came over, many riddles on the lamps had been answered.  There were only a few lanterns left that had riddles still.

The remaining riddles were naturally very hard to guess, but of course, the prizes were also very valuable.

There were many people around the largest and most beautiful rectangular lantern, knitting their brows and thinking hard.

Chu Shao Bai and Chen Ning heard the surrounding people talk and learned that this was the lantern king of this year’s lantern festival.  No one had guessed the riddle so far and they had heard that there was a mysterious and valuable prize for guessing right.

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