Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 570

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Chapter 570: Like to see you smile

One couldn’t win with just good memorization skills.

Since East Qin gave this topic, they had confidence in the East Qin Crown Prince winning.  He must have a perfect combination of both these skills.

She only had a short three days to practice something she had never tried before.  Even she did not have confidence in herself.

“Ning’er, I believe in you!”  He firmly said.

She revealed a bitter smile.  She did not have confidence in herself.

But she would still give her all.

For Mo Chuan, for herself, she had to win!

With a “peng” sound, the two of them were scared, but they also looked in the direction the sound came from.

They saw a beautiful firework blooming in the sky not far from them.  It was magnificent and colourful as it blossomed in the sky.

Flower petals and stars fell from the sky like rain as the sparks also floated down, creating an overwhelming beauty.

“Such beautiful fireworks!”  Chen Ning stared right at it as she gave heartfelt praise.

She was watching the fireworks, but he was watching her.

Her eyes sparkled brighter than the fireworks and her face was more beautiful than the fireworks.  He couldn’t get enough no matter how much he stared.

When her eyes looked back at him, he raised his head to look at the red fireworks in the sky.

“Ning’er, do you want to see the lantern festival?”  He offered an interesting proposal.

“Lantern festival?”

“That’s right, today is the yearly lantern festival and it is very festive.  There are lamp races, puzzles, and all sorts of interesting stuff that you can’t imagine.  Do you want to go see it?”

Chen Ning’s heart beated with excitement as she nodded, “Alright, let’s go.”

She was still young, so she still liked the romantic lanterns and fireworks.

“Do you want to call the Eldest Princess and husband Ye to go together?”

Chu Shao Bai shook his head with a smile, “My royal aunt never liked this kind of thing and husband Ye is very quiet, he doesn’t like these kinds of noisy places, so they won’t go.  What, are you afraid I can’t protect you at the lantern festival? You can be assured, what happened last time will not happen again.”

He smiled as he pulled out two masks.  One was a smiling face and the other was a crying face.  He shook them both at her.

“Take your pick, which one do you want?”

Chen Ning smiled and said, “Xiao Bai, you really thought of everything.”  She went to take the crying mask, but he gave her the smiling mask.

“I like to see you smile.”  He honestly said.

She took the mask with a smile and placed it on her face.

To be honest, she was worried about causing a scene in the street as well.  Although she had Xiao Bai protecting her, they were going out to look at the lanterns, not to cause trouble.  If they were to fight their way along the road, how could that be fun.

Chu Shao Bai put on the crying mask, only revealing a pair of deep and bright black eyes.

The two of them walked through the crowded streets, watching the sea of lanterns.  There was a sea of people in the streets, as if all the people in the capital had come out to see the lanterns.

This was indeed a very rare even, it already couldn’t be described with just festive anymore.

Chen Ning never thought that an ancient era lantern festival would be more interesting than a modern era one.  She stopped in front of a lantern game booth and couldn’t helped being stunned.

There were many dazzling varieties of lanterns here, each strangely shaped and seemingly endless.  Each lantern had a cash box in front of it.

If a customer felt like they liked a lantern, they could deposit a copper coin in the cash box.  They would count up the number of coins in the boxes in the end and the one with the most copper coins would win.

“Ning’er, which one do you like best?  If you like them all, then just throw in one for each lantern.”  Chu Shao Bai smiled as he gave her a purse which was filled with copper coins.

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