Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 572

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Chapter 572: Not interested even in the champion prize

If was because of this mystery that many people were attracted over to guess the riddle.

“Ning’er, how about we have a guess at this lantern?”

Chu Shao Bai happily pulled Chen Ning over to the rectangular lantern and began reading the riddle on it.

“Yi, this is a matching question.”  He slowly read it, “The first one is: not white, not black, and not red or yellow.  It is like a fox, wolf, cat, and dog, but it is neither tamed or wild.”

After a pause, he read the second line, “There are poems, words, and ceremonies.  It is fuzzy to the north, south, east, and west. Although it is short, it is still a wonderful word.  Give one word for each line.”

After reading it, he couldn’t help knitting his brows like the people around him.

He had thought that with his intelligence, guessing the riddle would be as easy as flipping his palm and would have given the mysterious prize to her.  However, he never thought that this riddle was harder than he expected.

He thought of many words in his heart, but felt they were all wrong.  He couldn’t help feeling frustrated.

Looking up, he saw her slightly smiling gaze.

“Ning’er, have you guess it?”

Chen Ning said with a faint smile, “This isn’t hard to guess.”

The scholars around them gave a gasp and looked at her with wide eyes.

“I say, young miss, you don’t seem that old, but you’re saying that this riddle that all these people cannot guess is not that hard?”

“Humph, words are easy to say.  Since you say this riddle is hard, why don’t you give the answer?”

Many people were not convinced and looked at Chen Ning with cold eyes.

Chu Shao Bai’s eyes revealed an angry look and he coldly said, “You untalented scholars, if you don’t have the skills, how can you say others lack in skills?  You only know how to be jealous, no wonder you have large white beards and white robes, you don’t deserve violet robes!”

Those people speaking critically were wearing the white clothes of scholars.  They had been proud of their status, but they had been fiercely slapped by Chu Shao Bai’s words.

These people were annoying and pointed at Chu Shao Bai while saying, “Stinky brat, stop covering for that girl.  Since she dares act so arrogantly, then she should speak her answer and allow use jealous scholars see this little girl take the champion prize!”

Chen Ning rubbed her chin and dismissively said, “Isn’t it just guessing a lantern riddle, it isn’t that difficult.  Even if they give me the champion prize, I wouldn’t want it.”

She did not have a good impression of these scholars.  They spoke in a jealous voice, were narrow minded, and were not tolerant of others, no wonder they did not have any achievements.  If she was the chief examiner, she would have never admitted students like these.

Hearing this, everyone in the area looked at her and their chins fell.

This young miss’ words were truly wild!

A man said to Chen Ning with a grin, “This miss, if you have guessed the riddle, then please write it on a piece of paper.  This little one will bring it to the lantern’s owner to check. If you guess right, then we’ll have to congratulate this miss.”

His appearance clearly showed that he did not believe Chen Ning had guessed the answer.

Chen Ning nodded with a smile.  She wrote two words on a piece of paper and handed it over to the man.

This man quickly left the crowd with the piece of paper and walked up the stage.  He said something to the old man sitting on the stage and then gave him Chen Ning’s answer.  

Chen Ning looked up from below the stage and saw that the old man was dressed in fine clothing.  This should be the host for the lantern riddle game.

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