Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 567

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Chapter 567: Smartest person in the world

The Eldest Princess shook her head and said, “Matters aren’t as simple as we think they are.  East Qin is clearly prepared this time, since they proposed this competition, this means that they are sure of winning.  Ai, royal brother must be calling the ministers together now to deliberate. Perhaps there will be a person even more suitable than Chu Shao Bai, but we can only wait for the news here.”

After dinner, Ye Ting Xuan finally came with news from the royal palace.

As the Eldest Princess expected, the ministers all unanimously nominated Chu Shao Bai for this competition and Chu Shao Bai had generously accepted.

Only he did say that he was not certain of victory because the news he obtained when he left the capital was that East Qin was sending an expert for this competition.  This mysterious expert could possibly be his highness, the East Qin Crown Prince.

When they heard this, all the ministers including Mo Chuan all gasped.

Everyone had hope in Chu Shao Bai at first, being confident that he would win this competition, but after hearing the four words, East Qin Crown Prince, most of the ministers couldn’t help shaking their heads.  Their expressions turned dark because they knew there was no need to compete since they already had a 99% chance of losing.

This East Qin Crown Prince could be considered famous among the four countries.

He was born with natural intelligence with excellent memory, never forgetting anything.  He was considered the most intelligent person in the world.

Rumours say that he could recite a book after just reading it once.  Moreover, it’s said that no matter which part of the book is chosen, he would be able to memorize it without any hesitation without getting a single word wrong.

But rumours were just rumours, they were clearly containing exaggerations.  So there were people that did not believe them and went forward to challenge the East Qin Crown Prince.

Everyone wanted to defeat him and gain the title of the smartest person in the world.

But in the end, all of these people were defeated.

Now the West Chu ministers knew why the East Qin Country had no fear in raising this kind of question.  As long as the East Qin Crown Prince appeared, they would never lose!

After hearing Ye Ting Xuan’s words, the Eldest Princess’ face became even more worried and she rubbed her hands.  Then she said, “What can we do? Shao Bai is intelligent, but he can’t compare to the East Qin Crown Prince! We’ve lost for sure!”

Ye Ting Xuan’s eyes sparkled as if he was thinking of something and he suddenly said, “King Jing An said that if the East Qin Crown Prince were to enter this competition, then he would not be able to win.  But he would recommend a person to the emperor who he says is ten time smarter than he is. If that person was willing, then perhaps they would be able to defeat the East Qin Crown Prince.”

“Oh?  Who is this person?  There is someone who’s smarter than Shao Bai?”  The Eldest Princess’ eyes lit up.

Ye Ting Xuan however shook his head, “King Jing An was not willing to say.  He said that he only knew this kind of person, but he did not say if this person was willing to come forward for the West Chu Country, so he would not reveal that person’s name.  He said that he wanted to respect that person’s free will.”

“Really that Shao Bai, mincing his words like that.  Since there is this kind of expert, then go to their door and beg them!  As long as they are in the capital and they are a citizen of the West Chu Country, this princess does not believe they will not agree!”

“The ministers all said the same thing as the Eldest Princess, but King Jing An said that as long as the emperor can agree to a single condition, that person would be willing to come out.  When the emperor heard this, he said without any hesitation that as long as that person could win in reading steles from horseback, no matter what request it was, he would agree to it.”

Hearing this, Chen Ning’s mind suddenly thought of something.

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