Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 568

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Chapter 568: Everything was for her

The Eldest Princess patted the table and praised, “Not bad, not bad.  If I was royal brother, I would respond the same way.”

Ye Ting Xuan revealed a faint smile and said, “King Jing An did say that words are empty, so the emperor personally wrote a royal decree for King Jing An, asking him to bring the expert to this competition.  King Jing An left the palace with the royal decree and said within three days, he would surely invite the expert to the competition.”

The Eldest Princess’ eyes were wide open as she said, “Shao Bai is this confident that person will win?  What if he loses?”

“King Jing An has never spoken empty words.  Since he is confident in this person, this person is certainly someone special.  To be honest, I really want to see what kind of expert King Jing An is talking about.  Ai, this  kind of person, they must have a strange appearance and an unusual mind.” Ye Ting Xuan pondered this while speaking.

“Un, then we’ll just wait for Shao Bai’s good news.”   The Eldest Princess let out a sigh. She looked at Chen Ning and asked, “Ning’er, why aren’t you saying anything?  Do you also want to see that expert senior Shao Bai was talking about?”

Chen Ning gave a distracted “un” sound.

The Eldest Princess held her hand and said, “The competition is three days from now, you can go together with this princess.  You’ll sit with this princess at that time and that brat Chu Shao Yang will not dare come over to bother you!”

“Alright, many thanks Eldest Princess.”  Chen Ning expressed her gratitude to the Eldest Princess once again.

She saw Ye Ting Xuan look at the Eldest Princess with deep emotions in his eyes, knowing that they had something to talk about.  She bid farewell to the Eldest Princess and returned to her own room.

On the road, she kept muttering to herself.  Could the person Chu Shao Bai recommended to Mo Chuan be herself?

She felt it was more and more likely.

Because she had demonstrated her memorization skills in front of Chu Shao Bai before.  At that time, Chu Shao Bai had revealed a shocked expression to her.

But, why didn’t he directly say it to Mo Chuan and chose to act mysterious?  Also why did he ask the emperor for that strange decree for?

Suddenly, her chest was shocked and her heart began to beat wildly.

He did it for her!  Everything was for her!

He had specially asked for this decree for her!

He knew that she wanted to separate from Chu Shao Yang, but lacked a chance to do so.  That chance had finally appeared today!

If she could win, she could ask the emperor for a request.  No matter what the request was, with the emperor’s decree and promise, he would certainly agree to it.

The so called ruler keeping his words!

Chu Shao Yang wouldn’t be able to reject!

Moreover like this, no one will think the emperor is playing favourites and no one will think there is a relation between her and the emperor.  This was because when the decree was given, the emperor did not know who this person was and what kind of request they would have!

Not only did this keep her reputation, it also kept Mo Chuan’s reputation.

It would also seal the gossip of the people…..

Chen Ning’s eyes slowly became wet.

She never thought that Chu Shao Bai would be this thoughtful towards her.  He had considered every aspect and was very meticulous! He was wholeheartedly devoted to her!

Shao Bai, Shao Bai!

She bit her lips as tears formed in her eyes.

Does he know about her and Mo Chuan?

The smart Chen Ning could guess that he already knew, that’s why he would ask for this kind of decree from Mo Chuan.  Even Mo Chuan did not recognize his good intentions.

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