Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 566

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Chapter 566: Only having Shao Bai

“Then after that?  Mo Chuan he……What did the emperor do?”  Chen Ning then asked.

“Royal brother just agreed to it.  Although his expression did not change, this princess could tell that he didn’t know what reading steles on horseback is either.  Later his expression suddenly changed and he left, not coming back. After he left, the East Qin envoy’s words became even worse, saying that my brother is scared and was he was a coward.  This princess was so angry that I wanted to cut his head off, but mother stopped me and did not allow me to say another word.”

When Chen Ning heard this, she was pondering what she heard.

Could the reading steles from horseback mentioned by the East Qin envoy be the same reading steles from horseback she knew?

“Since we have to compete and the topic was given by their East Qin, then they should clearly explain the subject, otherwise wouldn’t they be deliberately making this competition more difficult?”  She said.

“Right, right, mother also asked the envoy like this.  When that envoy heard this, he finally unwillingly explained it.  This reading steles on horseback was to place a stone stele and have two people on horseback to ride towards it at the same time.  After they ran past it, they would have to recite the words on the stele and whoever remembers more will be the winner.”

So it’s like this!  It was exactly the same as the one she was thinking of.

Chen Ning secretly nodded.

The Eldest Princess said with an angry face, “Don’t you think this East Qin envoy is deliberately making things more difficult?  Reading a stele while riding a horse, how could one possible remember the words on the stele? The horse moves so fast and we humans only have a single pair of eyes, we can only see it once, so how could we remember it?  After I heard this, I couldn’t hold myself back from scolding the envoy. That East Qin envoy had an arrogant expression as he said that since it was a game, it was fair. If their East Qin people could do it, why couldn’t our West Chu people?  If we wished to admit defeat, then the match would be cancelled.”

“Un, what that envoy says isn’t unreasonable.”  Chen Ning nodded again.

When the Eldest Princess heard this, she angrily threw her hands away.  She glared at her and said, “Ning’er, how can you say this? Are you even someone from our West Chu Country!”

“I am only saying that this method is fair.  If the East Qin can do this, then our West Chu also have people that can do it.”  Chen Ning spoke with a calm face, not changing her expression because of the Eldest Princess.

“But reading a stele from horseback, how could there be a person that can do this?  It was East Qin that came up with this topic, so their people must have trained beforehand for who knows how long.  We just learned of this competition method and even if we begin training now, we won’t make it in time! The contest is in three days, we only have three days.  Where would you have royal brother find someone like that in that time? Otherwise, we can only let Shao Bai have a try.”

The Eldest Princess gave a sigh and gave up reproving Chen Ning.  She let go of her hand and began to worry for Mo Chuan.

“Is the Eldest Princess speaking of King Jing An, Chu Shao Bai?”  Chen Ning suddenly thought of something.

The Eldest Princess listlessly nodded, “Un, Chu Shao Bai has naturally gifted intelligence.  Although he doesn’t have a photographic memory, it isn’t far from it. I think my royal brother will send him out to compete because in the capital, there is not a single person that is more intelligent than Shao Bai.”

“Since it’s like this, why is the Eldest Princess so worried?  Does the Eldest Princess feel that the people sent by East Qin are even better than King Jing An?”

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