Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 565

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Chapter 565: The more she understood him, the more pain she felt

Great general Chen did not dare make a decision on this matter, so he sent a messenger to the capital to inform Empress Dowager Zhou and the new emperor.

Empress Dowager Zhou called the ministers to discuss this.  The ministers all had different views, some wanted war and some wanted peace.

Finally it was up to Empress Dowager Zhou to make the decision.  She decided to accept East Qin’s demand and send a tribute from West Chu every year.

She couldn’t watch the previous emperor being killed and she couldn’t let others talk about how she was being selfish in helping Mo Chuan claim the throne.

But like this, the West Chu Country’s burden became bigger.  They exhausted most of their national power each year, causing West Chu to decline year after year, slowly becoming weaker.

The East Qin Country began to grab the West Chu Country’s reins, with each year’s envoys becoming more and more arrogant.

This year was becoming even worse.  The envoys they sent actually suggested a competition with the West Chu Country in three games.  If West Chu lost, they would have to pay double the tribute!

There were things that could be tolerated and things that couldn’t.

Since Mo Chuan ascended the throne, he had been meticulous in governing the country and maintaining order.  Over these years, the citizens finally overcame the bitterness of war and could finally wear warm clothes and have enough food.

In order to cope with the large amount of money required to pay the East Qin tribute, he had cut back the expenses of the palace and refused to increase the citizen’s taxes.  He could be considered a good emperor that loved his citizens.

But if it was like this, the West Chu Country’s strength would slowly deteriorate, but it was a good thing great general Chen was still guarding the border.  The previous loss at White Water Pass still discouraged the East Qin’s army.

The reason why East Qin did not dare invade West Chu was mainly because of great general Chen’s fame as a deterrent.

When Chen Ning heard the Eldest Princess’ story, she couldn’t help letting out a long sigh.  She finally understood the cause and effect of this matter.

She felt even more pain in her heart for Mo Chuan.

Thinking of when she was in her teens, she was living a carefree youth, but Mo Chuan had to shoulder the burden of the country.  It was no wonder he had never heard stories or told stories before, it was because he did not have a childhood or youth at all.

He as an emperor was not as brilliant as it seemed, but rather filled with shame.

So he was very tacturn and humble.  When she met him for the first time, he was a silent enigma.

Only when he opened his heart to her and his face finally slowly revealed a smile, she found that there would be an involuntary sadness in his brows.  The things hidden in his heart, he couldn’t even share with her.

Now she finally understood.

But the more she understood, the more pain she felt for Mo Chuan.

“Eldest Princess, have the East Qin envoy given the three topics yet?  Could it be that our West Chu isn’t certain to win against their East Qin?”

“Ai, royal brother’s having a headache because of this matter.  Last night at the banquet, the envoy did tell us the first topic which was reading steles on horseback.  This princess is this old, but I’ve never heard of reading steles on horseback! This princess asked the envoy, what is reading steles on horseback?  That envoy gave a cold smile and said: If you country does not even know reading steles on horseback, then you don’t need to compete and directly forfeit.”

When the Eldest Princess said this, her brows knit with anger.  She pulled out her sword from her waist and swung it twice in the air.

“This princess was so angry that I almost chopped off his head.  It was Ting Xuan that held me back, otherwise how could he act so defiantly in front of this princess!”

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