Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 564

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Chapter 564: A country cannot lack a ruler for a single day

When she mentioned this matter, the Eldest Princess’ face fell and she brooded with anger.

“East Qin envoy?”  This was not the first time Chen Ning had mentioned this.  Chu Shao Bai had also mentioned this, but she had not cared about it at all.

This time seeing the Eldest Princess’ angry appearance, it remained in her heart.

She searched in the original owner’s memory, but it was only vaguely aware that in this era she crossed into, other than the West Chu Country, there were also three other countries.

The East Qin Country was the strongest one.

But what was their relation to the West Chu Country?

She was comforting the Eldest Princess, while also asking for the details from her.

When the Eldest Princess mentioned this matter, she was filled with indignation.  She continued talking while holding onto her hand. She would continue on for two hours every time she spoke.

This matter happened twelve years ago before Mo Chuan had become the emperor.

At that time, East Qin and West Chu were evenly matched, parallel to one another.  East Qin eyed the West Chu territory and West Chu did not hold back either.

The two countries’ war was inevitable.

The previous West Chu emperor was very ambition, wishing to swallow the East Qin Country and control the world.

In order to achieve this grand ambition, he personally led the imperial troops to attack East Qin.

But no one would have imagined that in the critical White Water Pass battle, he would lead the West Chu soldiers into defeat.

Not only was the army destroyed, even the West Chu emperor had been captured by East Qin, becoming a prisoner in the East Qin Country.

With the emperor captured, the West Chu Country was in danger, with the possibility of collapsing at any moment.  The citizens would destitute and they would become a vassal of East Qin, falling into dire straits.

No ruler meant no leader.  The West Chu Country could not lack a ruler for a single day.

It was at this moment of crisis that Empress Dowager Zhou came forward, uniting the ministers.  She forcefully installed the previous emperor’s cousin, Mo Chuan onto the throne, entrusting her son with these state affairs when he was still in his teens.

It had to be said, Empress Dowager Zhou was truly a woman with great insight.  She installed her biological son Mo Chuan onto the throne in the past not because of pursuit of power, but rather to stabilize the army and citizens.

In the past Chu Shao Yang was too young and adding in the fact he was the son of the previous emperor, if he had become the emperor, then East Qin would have been able to threaten West Chu with the previous emperor’s life.

This was also one of the reasons why the ministers opposed Chu Shao Yang’s ascension to the throne.

When the new emperor ascended, the West Chu citizens were calmed.

Following this, Empress Dowager Zhou sent Chen Ning’s father, great general Chen to lead elite troops to the border and welcome the East Qin troops.

Great general Chen won against greater numbers, making a beautiful turnaround at White Water Pass.  With this morale, he was prepared to charge right into the East Qin army’s territory.

When great general Chen was prepared to march the army into the heart of East Qin and save the previous emperor, the situation suddenly changed.

When the two armies were about to meet, the East Qin Country suddenly brought the West Chu emperor tied up onto the battlefield.  They wanted West Chu to recall their troops, not leaving a single soldier. Otherwise, if they left a single person, the emperor would lose an arm and if they left two people, the emperor would lose a foot!

Although great general Chen followed Empress Dowager Zhou’s orders, he was still loyal to the previous emperor.  How could he watch the previous emperor lose his limbs and his life in front of him?

He withdrew his troops without any hesitation.

The East Qin Country then gave another shameless request.  They wanted West Chu to send East Qin a tribute every year.  It was a large amount, equating to half of the West Chu Country’s national power every year.

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