Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 563

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Chapter 563: Passing on false information

Empress Dowager Zhou knew that Chu Shao Yang and Eldest Princess An Le were close as aunt and nephew and had a good relation.

If one were to mention the person that could control Chu Shao Yang the best in this world, then it was none other than Eldest Princess An Le.

No matter how bold Chu Shao Yang was, he would not dare go overboard in the Eldest Princess Palace.

She closed her eyes and said nothing else.

When Mo Chuan saw this, he knew that Empress Dowager Zhou had accepted his idea and then left.

After he left, Empress Dowager Zhou slowly opened her eyes and let out a long breath.

She felt very upset.  The Emperor had made such a large mess.  He could ignore everything, but as the Empress Dowager, she could not do the same.  She had to help the emperor sort out his basket and wipe up after him.

Young, the emperor’s conduct was too young!  Too impulsive!

Ai, when could he truly grow up?

When could she give the heavy burdens of the West Chu Country to the emperor!

Empress Dowager Zhou clapped her hands and summoned Su Jin.  She then whispered a few orders into her ear.

This was a major event that could shock the whole nation, but under Empress Dowager Zhou’s careful planning, she had kept everything hidden, so none of it was known.

Other than a few insiders, there was no one else that knew what happened that night.

Only this matter could be hidden from others, but it couldn’t be hidden from the Eldest Princess.

When Chen Ning returned to the Eldest Princess Palace, the Eldest Princess excitedly came out to greet her.  She pulled her hand and excitedly asked her.

“I heard that you eloped with my royal brother last night, is that right?”

She felt that this was ridiculous.  She bit her lips and said, “Eldest princess, where did you hear this rumour?”

“Could it not be true?”

“Of course not.”

“Alright, that brat Ting Xuan dares to fool this princess, watch how this princess deals with him!”  The Eldest Princess’ brows immediately jumped up.

Chen Ning gave a lost laugh, “Was it husband Ye that told the Eldest Princess?  Where did husband Ye hear this news?”

She never thought that this kind of rumour would have spread already.

“This princess does not know where he heard this gossip from, but since you’ve denied it, then it must not be true.  This princess believes what you say.”

The Eldest Princess sighed and said, “When I was in the banquet last night, I saw my royal brother’s face suddenly change and he left.  He left the East Qin envoys and all the ministers, never coming back. I thought that he had taken you away. Other than you, this princess really does not know what else could put my royal brother into that kind of abnormal state.”

Chen Ning’s heart was moved as she asked, “Was last night’s banquet very important?”

When she had left the palace, Mo Chuan had sent Zhui Feng to send her back to the Eldest Princess Palace and left for the royal study with a quick explanation.  She knew that something very important must have happened.

She already realized that this matter was very tricky and it made Mo Chuan very angry.

Although Mo Chuan hid it well, she was a micro expression expert, so how could she not see it?

He refused to tell her because he did not want her to worry, but since she had made her decision to share everything with him, naturally that included solving his problems for him.

When she heard the Eldest Princess mention this, she thought of something and took this chance to ask about it.

“Of course it’s important!  You didn’t attend, so you don’t know how aggressive those East Qin people were.  Their words were filled with arrogance, not putting my West Chu in their eyes at all.  If it wasn’t for Ting Xuan making this princess endure the whole time, this princess would have already cut off the envoy’s dog head!”

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