Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 562

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Chapter 562: Hot potato

She knew that if she forced her son, her son would give up the emperor’s throne and take his beloved girl to wander the world.

At that time she would be beaten.  She wouldn’t have her son and she wouldn’t have anything.

So she could only compromise and begin planning for her son.

“Then does mother have any good ideas?”

Mo Chuan was silent for a bit.  He knew that Empress Dowager Zhou was speaking the truth, but he did not care about Chu Shao Yang.  He first had to secure Empress Dowager Zhou’s approval. As long as he had Empress Dowager Zhou’s approval, he could slowly deal with any other problems.

“You are the emperor, if you don’t have any methods, how could this widow have any?  None!”

Empress Dowager Zhou rolled her eyes as she spoke in a snappy voice.

“Since it’s like this, then mother should have a good rest.  Your son will leave first. The East Qin envoys were so aggressive at the feast yesterday, your son needs to find the ministers to discuss this matter first.”

Mo Chuan also knew that things had to be prioritized.  The matter of him and Chen Ning was not anxious and his current priority was to solve the problem with the East Qin envoys.  This was a major event that could not be delayed.

“Alright, you can go.”  Empress Dowager Zhou waved her hand, feeling relieved in her mind.

No matter what, her son had not forgotten public matters because of his private matters.

“Wait a minute.”  She thought about it and then called out to Mo Chuan, “Leave that girl for this widow.  Before the East Qin envoy matters are solved, this widow will personally take care of her.”

“This can’t be allowed!”  Mo Chuan rejected without even thinking about it.

“Why not?  Are you afraid this widow will move against that girl still?  Since this widow has made a promise to you, then I will keep it.  This widow will not make a move against her, otherwise, wouldn’t this widow be afraid of losing a son?”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave a slightly bitter smile.

How could she not know that keeping Chen Ning by her side was like keeping a hot potato?  But she had no choice but to keep her.

The scene she had seen this morning had given her a large shock.

The emperor that had never approached a woman had in front of everyone and in broad daylight done something that even made her blush.  Did she dare leave this girl by the emperor’s side?

Young men and women, it was like a situation where wood meets fire, what kinds of things wouldn’t they do!

She definitely could not tolerate these things happening under her eyes.

Mo Chuan thought about it and already guessed what Empress Dowager Zhou was thinking, but he still shook his head.


Empress Dowager Zhou’s voice and eyes suddenly became sharp, “Did you already….with her…..”

“Your son has not!”  Mo Chuan said with a serious expression, “Before she is properly married to me, your son will not do anything wrong.  Mother, you can be assured.”

Assured?  It would be strange if I was assured!

Empress Dowager Zhou gave a strong snort.

“Then what are you prepared to do with her?  Do you want to keep her in the palace, keeping her by your side like a little fan?  You aren’t afraid this matter will be sent to King Ding Yuan and he’ll come looking for her?”  She said without holding back.

[TL Note: the little fan is a reference to an old chinese story.]

Mo Chuan had already thought of this.  He confidently replied, “Your son will send her to An Le’s palace to stay temporarily.  Once the matters with East Qin are solved, then I’ll find a way to restore her freedom. Is mother assured by this?”

Empress Dowager Zhou snorted again, not giving anymore objections.

Staying in the Eldest Princess Palace was better than staying in the royal palace.

If she remained in the Peaceful Life Palace, Chu Shao Yang would come for her in just a few days.  This was something that gave her a headache.

But it wasn’t the same if she was in the Eldest Princess Palace.

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