Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 561

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Chapter 561: That is his eye

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face turned white as she angrily said, “Emperor, are you threatening this widow?”

“Your son does not dare threaten mother.”

“You don’t dare!  What about the show you just displayed?  You dare say you won’t use death as a threat?”

Mo Chuan kneeled in front of the bed and held Empress Dowager Zhou’s hand.  He looked up and said, “Mother, watching your son’s suicide, did your heart hurt?  Your son knows that it was very painful for you. Do you know? When your son knew that you sent people to kill Ning’er, your son’s heart was filled with the same kind of pain!  Mother, your son is your flesh and blood, watching your son in this much pain, do you feel good? Why can’t you look over things and support us?”

Empress Dowager Zhou forcefully pulled her hand back and her face filled with rage, “Support you!  You want this widow to support a joke, a scandal! Emperor, if you insist on being this obstinate, then it would have been better for you to die just now!”

Mo Chuan’s eyes turned dark as he said in a low voice, “Mother, you want your son to really die?”

He held the dagger so the dagger no longer retracted.  Slowly raising the dagger, he placed it to his throat.

“Put the blade down!”  Empress Dowager Zhou was anxious and angry as she grabbed the dagger from his hand.  Her eyes were red as tears began to flow, “This widow was just speaking out of anger and you took it seriously!  Emperor, do you have any understanding of this widow’s motherly feelings!”

She began coughing from her rage, almost being unable to breathe.

“But has mother ever thought about your son’s feelings?”  Mo Chuan said in a soft voice.

“Could it be your land, the country’s safety, your emperor’s throne, the West Chu citizens, and your mother cannot compare to a single girl?”

“Mother, even if your son is not the emperor, someone else can be the emperor.  But while the world is large, your son only wishes to be with her in this life. Your son does not want to be the emperor, so I ask mother to choose another emperor for the throne!”

Mo Chuan took out a seal from his chest and held it forward with his hand.  It was the jade seal of the West Chu Country.

Empress Dowager Zhou was shaking as she stared at Mo Chuan, “Emperor!”

She was anxious and angry, as her head began to hurt again.  This was because she was too understanding of her son. Although he was filial and had almost never gone against her, he had an unbending character.  The things he decided to do, he would do to the end.

He even didn’t want to keep the emperor position!

It seemed like he was determined to be with that girl surnamed Chen this time.

What to do?  What should she do?

With her hand on her forehead, she leaned against her couch and closed her eyes.

“Emperor, even if this widow spares that girl’s life, you think you can block the mouths of the people of the world?”

Mo Chuan was filled with joy.  He knew that Empress Dowager Zhou was finally giving in.

“Mother, be assured.  Your son has already thought of a good method.”

“What did you think of?  Your idea is nothing more than giving a decree for the separation of King Ding Yuan and his princess.  Do you think it will be that easy? You’re more clear on what kind of person Chu Shao Yang is compared to this widow.  If he doesn’t want something, he will avoid it like the plague. If it was the previous Chu Shao Yang, he would wish for nothing more than this decree, but right now, that Chen girl is as precious to him as his eyes.  If you want to gouge out his eyes, how could he give up so easily?”

Empress Dowager Zhou had been filled with fury before, but for parents in this world, even if their words were fierce, their hearts still cared about their children.  She was not an exception to this.

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