Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 560

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Chapter 560: There is only death

Before Su Jin had time to cry out, she saw the dagger stabbed into Mo Chuan’s chest and him leaning by Empress Dowager Zhou’s bed with a chest covered in blood.

She gave a scared cry and almost also fainted.

Chen Ning quickly came forward and caught her before saying to Mo Chuan.

“Mo Chuan, this joke is too much.  The Empress Dowager has already fainted and you even almost made Aunt Su Jin faint.”

She turned to look at Su Jin, “Aunt Su Jin, don’t be afraid, this is fake.  There is nothing wrong with the emperor.”

Su Jin looked at the dagger in Mo Chuan’s chest and stuttered, “Fake?  What fake? Emperor…..Emperor, what happened to you? Why is it like this?”

Her voice was filled with great surprise.

She saw Mo Chuan grab the dagger and pull it out, immediately giving a loud cry, but then she realized that the dagger did not have a blade, only a handle.  Her eyes instantly became wide as a look of disbelief appeared on her face.

“This, this, this…..”  She stuttered.

“This dagger is fake.  There is a button on the handle and pressing it once will make the blade pop out, but pressing it again will make the blade retract into the handle.  So even though it looks like he has been stabbed, the emperor is not hurt at all.”

Chen Ning explained in a low voice.

This was the dagger Chu Shao Bai used to scare her.  The blade itself was empty and contained a blood bag.  When the blade retracted, the blood bag popped making it look like someone had been stabbed, but only people that knew about it would know the truth.

It was unknown where Chu Shao Bai had found this kind of quirky item from.  Even she could not admit that the effect was extremely realistic.

If she had not known about the dagger beforehand, even she would have thought it was real.

Su Jin was completely shocked.  She looked at Mo Chuan and then looked at Empress Dowager Zhou, her head was filled with confusion.

“Aunt Su Jin, the emperor has things to talk about with the Empress Dowager, we should leave first.”

Chen Ning saw Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyelids slightly moving, this was the precursor to waking up.  She pulled Su Jin’s sleeve and silently went out with her. Before she left, she looked at Mo Chuan once.

Mo Chuan gave her a slight nod.

Empress Dowager Zhou woke up and instantly saw Mo Chuan.

Her body trembled as she said in a trembling voice, “Chuan’er, are we in yellow springs right now?”

“Mother, please forgive your son’s prank.”  Mo Chuan slowly kneeled down in front of her bed.

“What forgive your prank?”

Mo Chuan lifted the dagger and held it in front of Empress Dowager Zhou.  There was still blood on it and when Empress Dowager Zhou saw it, her heart filled with pain.

“I ask mother for forgiveness, your son used this dagger to play a joke on mother.”  Mo Chuan pressed the button on the hilt and the dagger blade instantly popped in. With another press, the blade popped out with a “shua” sound, releasing a cold glow.

Empress Dowager Zhou did not need him to say another word before understanding what was happening here.

She was filled with anger.  She looked at Mo Chuan and raised her hand, landing a heavy slap onto his face.

“Emperor, you really are bold.  You dare to play a prank on this widow!”

Mo Chuan’s face had an extra five red fingerprints, but he did not even look away, staring right at Empress Dowager Zhou.

“Mother, your son has already decided to be with Ning’er for the rest of my life.  If mother wishes to split us apart, then there is only death for your son!” He said word for word in a low voice, but his words were firm, offering no compromise.

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