Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 559

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Chapter 559: The emperor’s suicide

“If mother isn’t willing to forgive your son, then your son will kneel here without standing up.”  Mo Chuan tightly held Chen Ning’s hand, as he firmly said with his raised chin.

Forgive?  Forgive him for being so affectionate with this girl in front of all the eunuchs and maids early in the morning in her yard?

Empress Dowager Zhou gave an angry smile and pointed at Mo Chuan while saying, “Alright, emperor, this widow has truly given birth to a good son!  You actually learned to go against this widow right now.”

Mo Chuan’s eyes darkened and he looked up to say, “Your son does not dare go against mother, but has mother ever thought of your son before?  You sent people to kill your son’s most loved person, have you not thought about how pained your son’s heart was? If mother is set on killing her, then your son does not dare go against mother.  She has been brought to mother by your son, as long as mother says a single word, then your son will personally kill her.”

Empress Dowager Zhou almost did not believe her ears.

She stared at Mo Chuan, “Emperor, a ruler does not speak empty words.  Will you personally kill her?”

Mo Chuan nodded, pulling out a dagger from his sleeve.  The blade reflected the light of the sun, casting a snow white glow.

“Very good, then you can kill her.”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave a cold smile.

“Your son will follow mother’s orders.”  Mo Chuan calmly nodded to EMpress Dowager Zhou, “Your son is not willing to be a disloyal and unfilial person, but your son also cannot be someone that forsakes their love.  Since these two can’t coexist, the only thing your son can do is to kill myself.”

He raised the dagger and with a white glow, the dagger stabbed into his chest, causing his chest to immediately be dyed blood red.

“Chuan’er!”  Empress Dowager Zhou was incomparably shocked.  She shouted out and charged out from inside the room.

Mo Chuan’s face turned incomparably white.  The dagger was deeply stabbed into his chest, but he remained straight, looking at Empress Dowager Zhou with his deep, dark eyes.

He let go of the dagger handle and reached out a blood soaked hand towards Empress Dowager Zhou, supporting her trembling body.

“Doctor, quickly call a doctor!”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s voice was shaking so much she almost couldn’t speak.  She looked down at Mo Chuan with tears dripping down her eyes.

“Chuan’er, she is just a woman, is there a woman you can want that doesn’t exist in the world?  You….For her, you don’t even want your own life? How can you be this silly!” She was angry and in pain.

Mo Chuan gave a light cough as a line of blood dripped down the corner of his lips, “Mother, if I cannot be with the one I love in this life, your son would rather give up this life.”

“You…..You…..”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s lips quivered.  Suddenly her eyes went black as she fainted.

“Mother!  Mother!” Mo Chuan tightly grabbed Empress Dowager Zhou.  He held her in his arms as he quickly ran into the room.

He placed Empress Dowager Zhou onto the bed and took her pulse, finding that her breathing was normal.  She had just been too excited, so she fainted.

But he was not assured as he loudly called out, “Someone, call the royal doctor!  I want doctor Zhang!”

The Peaceful Life Palace servants were already in a mess.

“The emperor has committed suicide!”

“The Empress Dowager has fainted!”

“Quickly go to the doctor’s yard and call doctor Zhang!”

Everyone began to shout out.  When Su Jin who was asleep heard this, she immediately was shocked awake.

She did not even have time to put on shoes before running to Empress Dowager Zhou’s room in a panic.  She immediately saw Empress Dowager Zhou lying on the bed.

“Empress Dowager!”

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