Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 558

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Chapter 558: Demonstrating to her

Her lips were soft and cool, but it instantly lit a fire deep in his body.  He struggled to control the flames within him. Other than kissing her, he did not dare go any further.

He opened his eyes and looked at her delicate as a flower face.  Her long lashes that were dense and slightly curled were gently trembling.  Because of his kiss, her breathing became very fast and her face was covered with a faint blush.

The sun was rising at this moment and the eunuchs and maids of the Peaceful Life Palace was just rising to clean the yard.

A dense amount of footsteps around them.

People were coming!

Chen Ning’s face turned red and wanted to move away, but he held her chine, not letting her go.  He had a hand around her waist and slightly lowered his head, gently sweeping across her lips.


Was something wrong with their eyes?  Were they dreaming?

A cold gasp came from around them.

When the eunuchs and maids that rose early saw this scene, their chins dropped down and their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

They all recognized Chen Ning and knew that she was King Ding Yuan’s princess, having lived in the Empress Dowager palace for a few days.  And of course they would recognize the emperor.

What just what had they seen?

The emperor was being this affectionate with King Ding Yuan’s princess?

They all suffered a critical blow.

But immediately, they realized that they had seen something they should not see.

They would lose their heads!

The maids and eunuchs all immediately lowered their heads, creating an atmosphere of not daring to look.  It was like their butts had been burned as they all disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Empress Dowager Zhou was a light sleeper in the first place.  After having a nape, she slightly opened her eyes and saw the morning light coming in from the windows, knowing that it was daytime already.

She thought about her own worrisome child.  As a mother, she couldn’t sleep anymore.

“Someone come.”  She called out. She prepared to summon someone to help her wash up and send someone out to see if the emperor was back yet.

Who would have thought that after calling out two times, the yard outside was silent and there was no movement.

Empress Dowager Zhou was filled with rage.  All these people that served her were dead!

She came off the bed and opened the window.  When she was prepared to call someone, her body suddenly trembled and she staggered back, quickly grabbing the window for support.

Under the early morning sun, there were two people kneeling in the yard in front of her.

The man’s black hair was dyed with a yellow glow as he lowered his head, focused completely on kissing the girl in his embrace.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help rubbing her eyes.  When she was certain that this wasn’t a dream, she immediately flew into a rage.

This, this, this…..this was simply provoking her, showing her a demonstration!

No wonder no maids dare to come serve her.  Everyone that saw this scene had already quickly fled, who still dare come!

On purpose!  These two did this on purpose!

Running to her yard in the morning to perform this play.  It was clear that they wanted to let the world know of their private feelings!

Not long from now, this royal scandal would no longer be hidden!

Her body trembled from her rage.

Emperor, come in here for this widow!”

Mo Chuan finally slowly looked over at Empress Dowager Zhou, but he kneeled there without moving.

“Mother, your son is here to confess my wrongs.”

Confess your wrongs?

This was clearly trying to kill her with rage!

Empress Dowager Zhou’s forehead suddenly began pulsating with pain.  She really wished she could take her dragon cane and beat the man and woman in front of her to death.

“You two can both come in for this widow.”  She said in a low voice that was filled with a tempest of rage.

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