Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 557

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Chapter 557: His people could not be touched

Su Jin had never seen Empress Dowager Zhou with such a severe expression and her heart was filled with worry.

She did not know Empress Dowager Zhou’s orders, but she could faintly feel that something big was about to happen.

“Left the city?  Humph, even if he can arrive there, it is already too late.  It’s fine, letting him personally see it is fine.”

Empress Dowager Zhou stared at the distant royal city for a long while before finally looking away.  She rubbed her aching head and decided to return to her palace to rest first.

Su Jin could not understand Empress Dowager Zhou’s words.  She helped Empress Dowager Zhou lie down and helped her rub her head from her bedside.

Empress Dowager Zhou turned in bed most of her night, until the sky began to clear when she finally fell asleep.

Su Jin quietly stood up and rubbed her own knees, numb from kneeling before softly closing the door to Empress Dowager Zhou’s door.

She had been busy for an entire day and was prepared to return to her own room to sleep.

But when she left the room, she immediately saw two extra people in the yard.  She almost shouted out in surprise.

“Em, em, emperor…..Princess Consort, why are you here?”  She stared at them and recognized who they were, covering her lips as she whispered.

“You can leave.”

Mo Chuan held Chen Ning’s hand, not looking at Su Jin, only looking at the window of Empress Dowager Zhou’s room.  The room was dark inside, so Empress Dowager Zhou must still be asleep.

Su Jin did not dare remain.  She bowed towards him and then returned to her room.

“Mo Chuan, the Empress Dowager is already asleep.  How about we leave first and not disturb the Empress Dowager’s rest?”

Chen Ning bit her lips and looked a bit uneasy.

As soon as he brought her back into the capital, he immediately came to the Peaceful Life Palace.  Even she did not understand what he wanted to do and what he meant by this.

Was he here to question Empress Dowager Zhou about why she gave the order to kill her?

But she understood Empress Dowager Zhou and understood the love of a mother for a child, so she did not blame Empress Dowager Zhou.

She did not want to see the mother and son go against each other.

“No, I’m not going.  I will stay here until mother wakes up.”  Mo Chuan held her hand with a firm look in his eyes.

Then he faced Empress Dowager Zhou’s room and kneeled down with his back straight.  Although he was kneeling, he gave the pressure of facing a mountain.

“Mo Chuan, what are you doing?”

Mo Chuan remained silent without replying.

He had already made his mind.  He would be with her no matter what.

She was the most loved and cared for person in his heart, he couldn’t even bear to see her harm a single finger, but Empress Dowager Zhou had sent people to take her life?

So he had to let his mother know that his people could not be touched!

Chen Ning had been staring at his face and she understood his mind.  Gently and firmly, she kneeled down beside him.

“Ning’er, this matter is not related to you.  You stand up!” He knit his brows and stared at her.

“You’re going against the Empress Dowager for me, how is this not related to me?”

“Your body is weak and you haven’t practiced martial arts.  The wind is very cold, you can’t take this!”

“I’m not as weak as you think I am.  Since you want to kneel, then I’ll kneel with you.”

She smiled at him, but her expression had an indescribable determination to it.  Whether it was bitter or sweet, even if the sky were to fall, she would be together with him.

His stone heart had once again turned into a pool of water.  This kind of girl, how could he not love her!

He deeply looked at her and then held her hand with both hands, kissing her lips.

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