Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 556

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Chapter 556: Love, as silent as a mountain

The wind blew across the trees, giving off a whistling sound.

“I have always been worried that she wasn’t happy, so I wanted to give everything to her.  Now that she has everything, what else could I ask for? Although the person that makes her happy is not me, there is no difference.  Everything is fine as long as she’s happy.”

Chu Shao Bai suddenly spoke with a very soft voice.  It was like he was talking to Zhui Feng, but also telling this to himself.

Zhui Feng couldn’t help digging his ears.  He carefully observed Chu Shao Bai’s expression and asked, “You’re not angry, jealous, or enraged?”

He saw that Chu Shao Bai’s face had none of these emotions.

This was not normal.

Chu Shao Bai had a faint smile.

“I do like her, but that doesn’t mean I want to keep her.  If she isn’t happy being with me, of course I will be sad. I just hope to regularly see her smile and even if the person she likes is not me, it is not important.  As long as she’s happy, it’s fine.”

He had a bright smile as he spoke these heartfelt words.

There was a love that was as silent as a mountain and unrequited.

He did not understand in the past, but now he did.

He loved her, but she didn’t love him, still he did not care.  He would still give her everything, placing her in the deepest and most important place in his heart.

Zhui Feng was stunned.  He felt like he was already dizzy being with Chu Shao Bai for so long.

He could not understand Chu Shao Bai’s thoughts.  If his beloved woman was taken by someone else, he would still try to take her back!

He wouldn’t want to be as useless as King Jing An!

“Don’t tell them I was here.”

Chu Shao Bai took a deep breath and took one last glance at her under the moonlight.  Her eyes were slightly curved as she laughed. He had never seen her this beautiful before, she was like the most beautiful pear blossom blooming under the moonlight.

Although this smile wasn’t for him, he would deeply remember the most beautiful smile he had ever seen deep in his mind, never forgetting it.

Turning around, he left with a sweep of his robe sleeve.

He left only a single sentence and took away his personally made snow lotus hairpin he made for her.

Only when he turned to leave, a single crystal shaped tear fell from the corner of his eye, falling down his robe before landing on the ground.

Mo Chuan suddenly leaving and abandoning the room filled with guests made Empress Dowager Zhou feel like the situation was bad.

In fact, she had received the news before Mo Chuan.  When she knew that the scourge had been eliminated, she let out a long sigh of relief before heading off to the banquet hall feeling refreshed.

Although she felt pity when thinking of Chen Ning’s beauty and talent, feeling like she had wronged the girl.

But who told her to provoke the wrong person!  She had to attract the emperor!

She would order people to give her a grand funeral, that would be the greatest compensation she could give.

During the banquet, she had been very kind to Mo Chuan.  She hoped that Mo Chuan would receive the news as late as possible and she hoped that after her son received the news, he wouldn’t cause too much trouble.

But she never thought that the news she tried hard to hide would eventually still enter Mo Chuan’s ears.  She knew that there was only a single reason why the emperor would abandon everything to leave the royal palace!

The emperor left, but she couldn’t leave as the Empress Dowager.

She remained there with a full smile, placating the ministers and envoys.

She was graceful and always said the right thing, perfecting representing the dignity and style of an Empress Dowager.

But after the banquet, before she even reached the Peaceful Life Palace, the smile on her face had disappeared.  Her lips turned into a seam and her face turned livid.

“Where’s the emperor?”

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, the emperor…..has left the city.”

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