Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Coming to ask for dinner

The biggest and best restaurant in the capital was called “Tai He Floor”.

When Chen Ning and Xiao Ru arrived in front of the Tai He Floor, they found that it truly deserved its reputation just by looking at its elegant appearance.

The customers entering the restaurant were all either officials or sons of nobles.  Each one of them was dressed in an excellent style.

Once Xiao Ru saw all of this, her heart felt blank.  She pulled on Chen Ning’s sleeve and said in a low voice, “Young miss, how about we go to a different restaurant?  This restaurant will definitely be very expensive and we only have ten silver coins.  We might not even have enough to pay for the meal.”

Chen Ning just waved her hand and without caring that much, she said, “What is there to be afraid of?  We are going to eat until we’re satisfied, don’t mention money with this young miss.”

She walked in very openly.  Although she was wearing civilian clothing, her bearing was not any less than those officials and rich sons that were fancily dressed.

“Two guests, please come this way.  Would you like two seats upstairs or……”

Once they entered the store, a waiter attentively looked over at them and warmly came over to greet them.

Without finishing, the words of the waiter was stuck in their throat.

Once he saw the way Chen Ning and Xiao Ru were dressed, he couldn’t help being stunned.

He had worked in the Tai He Floor Restaurant for this long and this was his first time seeing customers that were this shabbily dressed.  He couldn’t help thinking in his heart, were these two beggars coming here to ask for food?

“Give us the best table upstairs.”

Once Chen Ning spoke, Xiao Ru’s chin almost fell down.

She began to stare at Chen Ning.  She was trying to say, we only have ten silver coins, shouldn’t we be sitting in the main lobby downstairs?

Chen Ning pretended like she didn’t see her and then with a smile, she repeated herself, “We want the best table.”

The waiter hesitated for a bit.  It seemed more like these two people were here to beg for food rather than eat dinner.

“I’m very sorry, all the upstairs tables are taken.  How about the two of you eat downstairs?”  He smiled with them and said.

“Full?  I think it’s just your dog eyes looking down on us.  You’re afraid that we won’t be able to afford a meal here and we’re not suitable to the elegance of this restaurant, right?”

Chen Ning could see through the waiter’s thoughts with a single glance.  The smile on her face faded and she began to accuse them.

The waiter couldn’t stop his face from turning red as he secretly thought that these two girls were just making themselves look imposing.  Wearing shabby clothing like this, how could they possibly pay for a meal at their Tai He Floor?

“I’ll say it again, give us your best table.  This is your reward.” Chen Ning threw out the piece of silver.  She didn’t even take a second look as she threw it into the waiter’s arms.

The waiter looked at it and his eyes popped out.

My god, this is actually ten silver coins!

He had to work in the restaurant for a whole year to earn this much money, yet the shabbily dressed girl in front of him could give it away so casually.  It seems like this girl is not as simple as she seems!

“Yes, yes, please come this way honoured guests.”

A smile bloomed on the waiter’s face.  He was twice as attentive as he brought Chen Ning and Xiao Ru upstairs.

Xiao Ru’s face was like she had been struck by lightning.  She had a look of complete disbelief on her face.

She was shouting in her heart: Young miss, you truly are too generous.  You gave this person ten silver coins just like that.  But that was all of our money!

Now if we order food, what while we pay the restaurant with later?

She had a long face just like a bitter melon.  But Chen Ning pulled her hand and led her to the second floor.

Chen Ning did not seem to be worried about not having money at all.  Once she entered the room, she began to examine the exquisitely decorated table.  She had a smile on her face and she seemed to be in high spirits.

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