Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: We still have to eat even if we have no money

The waiter gave them the menu and Chen Ning gave it right to Xiao Ru, “Little girl, you order the dishes.  Just order whatever you want to eat.  Also don’t think about saving money for this young miss!”

Xiao Ru had a crying face.  She didn’t even look at the menu as she pushed it back to Chen Ning, “Young miss, this servant can’t read.  It’s better if you order the dishes.

She said in her heart: What’s the point of ordering dishes?  Even if we eat white mantous, we still can’t afford them.

Chen Ning smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll order the dishes then.  Un, I remember you saying last time that you wanted to eat lotus root cooked beef and seasoned pork ribs.  That’s right, you also wanted chestnut chicken, right Xiao Ru?”

“You remembered them correctly.  Young miss truly has a good memory.”  Xiao Ru dryly praised Chen Ning and stared right into her eyes.

Chen Ning laughed and said, “Waiter, we’ll take those three dishes.  Also we’ll take jade shelled shrimp, jellied meat , and a plate of lion’s head…..”  In a single breath she listed the seven-eight most expensive dishes on the menu.

The waiter’s smile was so wide, his eyes couldn’t be seen anymore.

“Yes, would the two guests also like some wine?  We have the best pear wine in the capital.  It has a pure sweetness that is very memorable, all the guests that come here love to drink it.  All the wealthy ladies that patronize our store all order this pear wine.”  He eagerly recommended.

Chen Ning was immediately interested once she heard about it.  She slapped the table and said, “Alright, bring three jin!”

The waiter happily smiled as he left.

Xiao Ru began to sweat from her anxiety, “Young miss, you’ve ordered all these expensive dishes, but we won’t be able to pay for them.  What do we wo?”

“We don’t have any money to pay for it?”  Chen Ning looked over Xiao Ru’s face.  Then she giggled and said, “Then we’ll just have you stay here and wash dishes.”

“Young miss!”  Xiao Ru was anxious to the point that she almost began to cry.

“Alright, alright, I’m just kidding with you.  How could I let my Xiao Ru wash dishes?  Once the dishes come, you just relax and eat.  When we have to pay the bill, I have my own ways.”  Chen Ning seemed to have a well thought out plan.

“Young miss, what method do you have?”  Xiao Ru still doubted her.

Chen Ning just smiled without replying, looking very mysterious.

Xiao Ru knew that once the young miss made this expression, she would definitely not tell her anything.  She could only sit here and wait for the dishes to come.

“That’s right, young miss, do you really know how to tell fortunes?  We had never seen that old uncle before, so how did you knew that he was finally having a child?”

Xiao Ru had been thinking about this for a while.  She finally took this chance to ask this question.

Hearing this, Chen Ning gave a faint smile and poked Xiao Ru’s nose, “Silly girl, remember what I told you before?  You have to carefully observe people, there are things we can learn without them telling us.  His expressions, movements, and the things by his side can all talk.”

“Young miss, this servant doesn’t understand.” Xiao Ru blinked her eyes.

She really didn’t understand.  These things could talk?

Alright, then do you still remember that the old uncle was carrying a basket?  Do you remember what he had inside of his basket?  Chen Ning reminded her.

Xiao Ru tilted her head and thought.  Then she suddenly patted her head and shouted, “I remember.  This servant took a look and saw that he had eggs in his basket!”

“That’s right, he had eggs.”  Chen Ning smiled and said, “Then do you remember what colour the eggs were?”

“This, this…..”  Xiao Ru scratched her head, “This servant really can’t remember.”

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