Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Great luck

“Then let me ask you girl, is there a solution to this?”

The old man slightly leaned forward with a look of pleased expression.  His tone and demeanour was completely different from before.

Chen Ning noticed his changes.  She then gave a faint smile, “Of course there are solutions.”

After she finished speaking, she then closed her mouth.  She just smiled and said nothing.

The old man waited for a bit, but when he noticed Chen Ning was not going to say anything, he was startled.  He then realized something as he patted his head and said, “Seems like I’m getting confused, I actually forgot the rules of this exchange.”

He took out a purse from his bag and then took out a shiny piece of silver from the purse.  He then placed it on the table.

Xiao Ru’s eyes instantly popped out.

This was equivalent to ten silver coins.

She never would have imagined that after this old man heard a few words from her young miss that he would be this lavish.  He actually took out ten silver coins!

Chen Ning smiled as she took the piece of silver and looked it over.  Then she threw it into Xiao Ru’s chest.

Now matter how Xiao Ru looked at that smiling face, she couldn’t help thinking of the little fox that was drawn on her face this morning.

After taking the piece of silver, Chen Ning once again began to talk.  She first slowly raised the pen and wrote down a single “earth” character.

The old man looked at it and then said with a confused face, “Girl, what does this mean?”

Chen Ning laughed and said, “Everything under the heaven is complementary to one another, the five elements is not an exception.  Fire suppressed metal, but earth supports metal.  As long as you add a single earth character into your son’s name, he will have great luck.  If you add the earth character to the become character, it forms a “city” character”.  Everyone working together, absolutely priceless, these are all symbols of incredible luck with the character city in them.  Your bundle of joy will have people who help him in the future, have the chance to become a minister, and have a limitless future!”

The series of auspicious words the old man heard made him enraptured, his beard was almost standing up.  He laughed and stood up, then he continued to cup his hands towards Chen Ning as he said, “This old man accepts girl’s expensive words.  If my son can truly have a limitless future like girl says, then this old man must thank you.  It is all because of this girl’s divinations.  This old man still has things to take care of at home, so I must bid you farewell.”

He was completely satisfied in his mind.  He did not feel like he had wasted his ten silver coins.

As for his child’s future, it was unknown if it would be like Chen Ning predicted.  Having the chance to become a minister and having a limitless future, that was all for the later.  But as for Chen Ning’s words, even if he had spent money just to hear auspicious things, he still felt satisfied.

The old man picked up his basket and was prepared to leave.

But Chen Ning suddenly called out to stop him.

“Old uncle, as for your child crying every night, I still have a solution.  I can make it so that he can sleep peacefully through the night.”

“Are you serious?”  The old man’s body trembled and his face filled with excitement.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and said, “I’ve already told you, earth supports metal.  So, all you have to do is let him eat a little dirt every night and he will be able to sleep peacefully.”

“Eating dirt?  How do I do that?”  The man couldn’t help staring at her.  This fortune teller girl’s methods were truly strange, she actually wanted his son to eat dirt.

“Of course you don’t have to feed dirt to him.  You can take a bit of dirt and mix it into some water for him to drink.”

“Oh, then I’ll have to thank you then.”  The old man was still a little dubious.  He once again cupped his hand to Chen Ning and then carried the basket as he left.

After waiting for the old man to leave, Xiao Ru finally leaned in close to Chen Ning and asked in a low voice, “Young miss, were the words you said true?  You wouldn’t have tricked him right?”

Chen Ning stared over at Xiao Ru, “You think your young miss is a Jianghu swindler?”

She took the piece of silver from Xiao Ru’s hands.  She began to laugh while tossing the piece of silver up and down.

“Let’s go, this lady will treat you to something good.  You can order whatever you want to eat, this lady has money now!”  She said generously and proudly, “We’ll go to the best and biggest restaurant and eat the most expensive dishes!”

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