Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Hidden killing intent

The old man released the basket in his hands and sat down in front of the fortune telling booth.

Chen Ning handed him a pen and a piece of paper.  Then she smiled and said, “Old uncle, just write down any word you want.”

The old man thought for a bit and then wrote down the word “become” on the paper.

He was worried the opposite side would not hold back and say all kinds of bad things, which would be bad luck.  So he picked this word.

This was the so called wishing for things to come true.  With this become word, how could she say anything bad?

Who would have thought that once Chen Ning saw this “become” word, the smile on her face disappeared.  Her eyebrows knit together and she gave a sigh.

The old man’s heart suddenly skipped a beat and he swallowed his spit.  He was a little nervous as he asked, “Girl, is there something wrong with this “become” word?”

Chen Ning shook her head and then gave another sigh.

The old man’s heart became more anxious.  He cautiously said, “Girl, if you have something to tell me, please tell me.”

Chen Ning knew that if she said something that sounded nice, the old man would not listen to another word and immediately leave.  So, she deliberately knitted her browns and began to sigh.  Sure enough, it peaked the old man’s interest and he could not help remaining where he sat.

“Old uncle, since you said it like this, I’ll be frank with you.  You picking this “become” word, it actually has a lot of good intentions.  Becoming a success, having one’s wishes come true, and becoming a great talent, they all have the “become” word in them.  A single word will propagate like clouds, so the meaning of this “become” word is that your son will become very successful in the future.”

The words that Chen Ning said, the old man could not help stroking his beard as he nodded and smiled.

Who would have thought the tone of Chen Ning’s words would suddenly change, “But, this word also has a bad meaning.  Old uncle, please look, this word also contains the word “axe”.  This word symbolizes, war, hidden killing intent, and meeting soldiers, so I’m afraid your son will encounter a bloody disaster in the future.  At the same time, this word relates to the metal element out of the five elements.  Since fire suppress metal and it is currently the three month flame season, it does not seem good.”

The old man could not help snorting.  He had an expression of disbelief on his face.

Of course, Chen Ning knew that this old man would not believe her.  People loved to hear good news and abhorred hearing bad news.

Her eyes swept over the old man’s face and she lightly said, “Old uncle, does your little bundle of joy wake up in the middle of night everyday and cry without stopping?  Then when it’s around four-five in the morning, does he suddenly stop and fall asleep?”

The old man’s eyebrows couldn’t help jumping up.  He looked at Chen Ning in surprise and blurted out, “That’s right!  How did you know?”

Chen Ning calmly said, “It is like what I just said, fire suppresses metal.  A day is divided into twelve segments and midnight is when the fire element is at its strongest and metal is at its weakest.  If my calculations are not wrong, you should have given your bundle of joy a name with the “become” character within it.  He is being suppressed by the fire and that’s why he cries in the middle of the night and stops once day breaks.”

The old man just stared at Chen Ning.  The expression on his face could no longer be described with just horrified.

He had sat down for this divination because he wanted to hear some good news.  He would let the opposite side say a few auspicious words and then give her a few copper coins.

But once he heard the words “bloody disaster”, he had already been secretly enraged.  He thought that this girl was just speaking nonsense.  He thought that she was just a Jianghu swindler and wanted to cheat him out of his money.

But, when he was prepared to leave, who would have thought that the next thing Chen Ning said would cause him to be shocked.  She had perfectly described how his precious bundle of joy had been crying in the middle of the night everyday, almost as if she had personally witnessed it.

How was this possible!

If what this girl said was true and everything was an actual divination, then she would be a divine fortune teller!

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