Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 534

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Chapter 534: Being touched

“Ah?  Young miss, you already knew?   Why didn’t you tell this servant then?  This servant was still waiting for you to be shocked.”  Xiao Ru pouted in a disappointed manner.

“I wanted to tell you, but I never had a chance.  That’s right, is the Eldest Princess out of the palace?”  She asked.

When she returned to the palace, she had not seen the Eldest Princess and she felt that it was strange.  With the Eldest Princess’ personality, if she was in the palace, she would come as soon as possible to ask her what happened yesterday.

Xiao Ru nodded and revealed an excited expression, “That’s right.  I heard that East Qin has sent a large group of envoys to our capital city, so there is a banquet in the palace and the Eldest Princess went to the banquet.  It must be a fabulous scene, how great it would be if we could see it.”

“East Qin envoys?”  Chen Ning was not interested in the banquet at all, but he felt that this East Qin envoy group was strange.  She remembered the two times she had seen Mo Chuan and his brows had a faint line to it. She did not ask and he did not speak, but it had to be related to this East Qin envoy.

She did not understand politics and she didn’t know how to help him with the nation’s affairs.  All she could do was silently wait for him to handle everything and not cause him trouble.

“Young miss, shall we go out and play?  I heard that it is very festive outside and the streets are filled with people.  There are stalls selling all kinds of things and foods, as well as singing, juggling, and everything else.”  Xiao Ru’s eyes lit up as she spoke, looking at Chen Ning with eager eyes.

Chen Ning knew that she was very innocent and did not want to disappoint her, but she didn’t know why she felt a discomfort fill her heart.  She rubbed her head, “You can go play. I’m tired, so I want to go to sleep first.”

“Ah, then this servant won’t go either.  This servant will stay here and accompany you.”  Xiao Ru immediately stuck out her tongue and revealed an awkward expression, “Young miss, if your body is uncomfortable and this servant wants to go out and play, it is all my fault.”

“I think with how big you are, you should still like going out to play.  How about, after I sleep a bit, we’ll go out and have a stroll to watch the juggling, alright?”

Chen Ning smiled as she stroked her hair.

“Alright, alright.  This servant will be here to guard your sleep.”  Xiao Ru laughed as she clapped her hands.

“Come sleep with me.”  Chen Ning smiled and pulled Xiao Ru into the bed with her before pulling up the blanket.

Only when she thought about Zhui Feng being in a corner of the room, having this man constantly watching over her, she couldn’t help feeling discomfort.

She bit her lips.  When she prepared to find a way to catch Zhui Feng, she suddenly heard the window pane ring.

A grey figure flashed in front of her and Zhui Feng was standing by the bed, covering her and Xiao Ru.

Xiao Ru was caught off guard.  She suddenly saw an extra man in front of her and suddenly screamed, “Ah!”

“Shh!  Don’t scream!”

Zhui Feng immediately went to cover Xiao Ru’s mouth, but his back was facing her and he did not have eyes on the back of his head.  When Xiao Ru had been cowering by Chen Ning’s side, his hand suddenly pressed down on Xiao Ru’s chest. He felt a soft and bouncy feeling and couldn’t help being stunned.

Xiao Ru was in a daze as her eyes became large.  Seeing that man’s large palm on her chest, she was filled with fear and even forgot to dodge.

Chen Ning was also shocked by this unexpected situation, but she very quickly understood that it was a mistake and Zhui Feng did not do this on purpose.

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