Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 533

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Chapter 533: Eyes on his body

If she changed clothes to go to bed or if she were to undress to bathe, he would be watching in the dark, so wouldn’t he see her entire body?

Chen Ning was more anxious the more she thought about it.  She felt that she should make an agreement with Zhui Feng.

“Zhui Feng!”  She used the secret signals Mo Chuan taught her and clapped her hands a few times.

As expected, in that instant, there was an extra grey figure in front of her.  Even she did not know where he had come from.

The doors and windows were clearly closed, but he had appeared like a gentle breeze.

“Princess Consort, why have you summoned this subordinate?”  Zhui Feng greeted her but did not kneel down.

Chen Ning did not care as she stared at him, “Where were you hiding just now?”

“This….”  Zhui Feng responded in a calm manner, “Please forgive this subordinate for not being able to say.”

This was his secret as a hidden guard, how could he disclose this?

“Alright, it’s fine if you don’t say, but I want to make a promise with you.”  She went straight to the point.

“Promise?”  Zhui Feng was surprised, “Please elaborate Princess Consort.”

“Un, I don’t care where you are normally, but you can’t appear when I’m bathing.  Also, you can’t appear when I’m sleeping either!”

Zhui Feng understood once he heard this and he said in an awkward voice, “I’m afraid this subordinate can’t do that.  The emperor’s orders were to not take a single step away from the princess. But the princess can be assured that this subordinate knows when to look and when not to look.  This subordinate will not cause any trouble for the Princess Consort.”

“……”  Chen Ning couldn’t help being angry.

The words this Zhui Feng said was as slippery as a loach.  The eyes were on his body, so how could she know when he closed them or not?

“If the princess does not have any other orders, then this subordinate will leave first.”

After he said this, he did not wait for Chen Ning to say anything before disappearing like a breeze.

Chen Ning saw that all the surrounding windows and doors were closed, so she was certain that this Zhui Feng was hiding in the room.   The reason why he left no trace must be because he used some kind of magical technique to hide from sight.

Even though she knew he was around, she could not find him.

She could only hope that he kept his word and it was best if he did what he said.

“Xiao Ru.”  She called out in a soft voice.  Very quickly, Xiao Ru entered the room.

“Young miss!”  Xiao Ru’s round face was flushed, like her entire person was filled with the joy and happiness of spring.  When a person saw her smile, they would feel refreshed.

Chen Ning smiled as he held her hand and then she pinched her little face, “Did you see Xiao Si yesterday?”

“I did, I did.  This servant spoke of many things with Xiao Si and he told me many good stories.”  Xiao Ru quickly nodded.

When mentioning Xiao Si, her eyes lit up.

When Chen Ning saw her innocent smile, she couldn’t help smiling.  Thinking for a bit, she then asked, “Then do you know Xiao Si’s status?”

“Of course I know!  He is an eunuch.” Xiao Ru was still smiling with no change to her expression at all.

“Then do you know what eunuchs do?”

“I do, eunuchs are people that serve the emperor.  Young miss, this servant has a giant secret to tell you.  That lots of money, oh, no, Bodyguard Hei, he’s actually the emperor!”  She had a mysterious look on her face as she whispered into Chen Ning’s ear.

After saying this, she was waiting for Chen Ning’s shocked expression.

Chen Ning smiled as she patted her head and said, “I know.”

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