Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 535

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Chapter 535: He is not human

“Zhui Feng, why haven’t you let go!”  She shouted in a low voice as her face sunk.

What was wrong with this Zhui Feng.  He had accidentally grabbed the wrong place, but he actually did not let go.  If anyone said he didn’t do it on purpose there would be no one that believed him!

Zhui Feng finally came to his senses and looked around.  He suddenly pulled back his hand like it was being burned and his face instantly turned red.

“So, so, sorry.  Mi, mi, miss, I, I, I did not, have any meaning.”  He stuttered out in an embarrassed voice, wishing he could dig himself into a hole at this moment.

With a “wa” sound.

Xiao Ru finally reacted to her chest being touched by an unfamiliar man.  She was so sad and aggrieved that she burst out in tears.

She just continued to cry, feeling very upset.

Zhui Feng was was feeling even more helpless as he said in a low voice, “You, don’t cry.  I, I, I’ll repay you. I, I was wrong…..”

“Wu, wu, wu…..You bad person, you…..You repay, you repay me…..”  Xiao Ru’s crying became even louder.

“I’ll pay, I’ll pay…..”  Zhui Feng was stunned after he finished saying this.  How would he repay her? What would he use?

“Wu, wu, my clothes were made by my young miss with two silvers, but it was soiled by your hands.  You’ll repay me two silvers, quickly! Wu, wu!” Xiao Ru was out of breath from crying.

There were five black fingerprints on her chest and when she saw it, it was like she was in pain.  This was the first day she was wearing these clothes, but it was dirtied by this man who came out of nowhere.  It truly pained her heart.

Hearing this, Zhui Feng was stunned.  Chen Ning’s lips also twitched.

The two of them stared at Xiao Ru.

Chen Ning felt her face becoming warm.

How could a smart person like her have such a dumb girl at her side!

She really wanted to turn her head and say, “I don’t know her!”

Zhui Feng let out a long sigh and felt relieved.  He immediately took out a purse from his chest and placed it in Xiao Ru’s hands.

“The silver inside are all for you, don’t cry anymore.”

Xiao Ru was sniffling as she opened the purse, seeing small pieces of silver ingots inside.  She took out one and then threw the purse back to Zhui Feng.

“I only need the silver for my clothes, the rest I’m giving back to you!”

“No, no, no, it was my fault.  These silver will all be used to repay you.”  Zhui Feng’s back was covered in sweat.

He had never encountered such an embarrassing matter before.

He was afraid that this girl would want him to be with her forever, but it was a good thing she only wanted silver and not him.

“I don’t want it.  The young miss said, ill gotten gains cannot be taken!”  Xiao Ru spoke with a righteous tone.

“No, no, no, you have to take it.”  Zhui Feng tried giving the purse to Xiao Ru again.

“I said I don’t want it, why are you so troublesome!  Hey, what kind of person are you? Where did you come from?”  Xiao Ru ran out of patience and suddenly stared at Zhui Feng, realizing that she didn’t recognize him.  The clothes her wore weren’t the clothes of the Eldest Princess palace’s servants.

“I…..I am…..”  Zhui Feng couldn’t help looking over at Chen Ning.

How should he describe his status?

“Ke, Xiao Ru.”  Chen Ning watching from the side pulled Xiao Ru over and rolled her eyes at Zhui Feng before saying, “He is not a person.”

“Ha?”  Xiao Ru and Zhui Feng were both shocked.

“His name is Zhui Feng, he comes and leaves without a trace.  Just treat him as a gust of wind, there is no need to treat him as a person.”  Chen Ning looked over at Zhui Feng and gave a gentle snort.

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