Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 532

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Chapter 532: She admits defeat

Her face turned even redder.  She clearly knew his subtext, so she glared at him.

He lovingly looked at her face, trying to restrain the exciting passion in his chest.  He couldn’t do it now, this was not the time to be so affectionate with her. Even if he wasn’t willing, he had to send her out of the palace.

Once he finished everything, he would give a decree restoring her freedom and would openly marry her.

He believed that day would not be far.

“Ke, Zhui Feng.”  He gave a gentle cough, clearing his throat.

“This subordinate is here.”  Zhui Feng had not raised his head the entire time.

His heart had already fallen into chaos.  His eyes were staring right at the blue stone floor on the ground, almost staring a hole in the surface of the tiles.

Although he did not look up, he had heard all of the affectionate words that had passed between the emperor and this girl.  He had no choice but to listen.

Even if he was a fool or a piece of wood, he could still hear the love between the two of them.  His heart could not help beating fast and his body was so nervous it broke out in a cold sweat.

Emperor, what are you playing at here!

The other side’s status is the Ding Yuan Princess!

Even if you don’t care about her status, shouldn’t you think of this subordinate?  In front of this subordinate, is it truly fine for you to be this affectionate with the Ding Yuan Princess?

This subordinate is a person, not a lifeless piece of wood.

He had hidden a large secret in his heart that he wanted to report to the emperor to surprise him, but he never thought that the emperor would give him an even greater shock.

Mo Chuan did not know that Zhui Feng’s heart was filled with doubts.  He held her hand and looked at Zhui Feng.

“Zhui Feng, you will protect her for this one, not leaving a single step from her.  If she is missing a single hair, then this one will be asking you.”

“This subordinate…..will follow your orders.”

Zhui Feng felt like he had taken ten thousand points of damage.  The emperor was actually sending him to protect her? How precious was she to him!

He had trained since childhood to protect the emperor in secret.  He had the best martial arts and qinggong, so he was most respected and trusted by the emperor.

But the emperor was sending him to protect a woman.  Then what about the emperor?

But as a secret protector, he could only follow his master’s orders.  So, he could only accept without any hesitation.

“Very good, now you will send her to the Eldest Princess palace.  During this time, you will stay by her side and if anything happens, you will immediately report to this one, do you understand?”  Mo Chuan said in a deep voice. In front of Zhui Feng, he had unknowingly released his emperor’s prestige.

His gentleness was only for her.

“This servant will follow your orders.”

“Mo Chuan, I……”  Chen Ning shook her head, wanting to say that she didn’t want any secret guard.  She just saw Mo Chuan place a finger on her lips and reveal a threatening look.

She immediately understood.  If she dared to say anything, he would kiss her without any care.

Alright, she admitted defeat.

Like this, under the escort of Zhui Feng, she safely returned to the Eldest Princess palace.

Zhui Feng left no traces and was a shadow without a shadow.  Although she knew that Zhui Feng was not far from her, if he did not take the initiative to appear, she could not see him.

He really deserved to be the most prominent of Mo Chuan’s hidden guard.

Chen Ning thought that Mo Chuan having him protect her was enough to demonstrate just how strong Zhui Feng was.

But, Mo Chuan’s orders were too strange.  He wanted Zhui Feng to not take a single step away from her, but without being able to see him, how could she know when he was there and when he wasn’t?

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