Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 527

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Chapter 527: What did you do

This was a surprise to Mo Chuan.

His gaze fell onto doctor Zhang and he nodded, “Yes.”

“Wu, then this old minister understands this more now.  The Princess Consort suddenly fainting should be because of what the emperor said.”  Doctor Zhang stroked his beard as he spoke.

“But, why would this one’s words make her suddenly faint?”  Mo Chuan’s heart skipped a beat. He thought of himself holding her hand, telling her just how much he loved her.

Did she faint from her excitement after hearing his confession?

“Ke, ke, ke.”  Doctor Zhang began to cough again.  He lowered his head and said, “Emperor, this is not the first time the Princess Consort has fainted.  Just yesterday, the Princess Consort fainted like this.”

“What did you say?”  Mo Chuan’s body trembled as he looked at doctor Zhang with eyes of disbelief.

“Emperor, please calm yourself.  There isn’t anything wrong with the Princess Consort, she just can’t handle being excited.  As long as she is excited, she will faint. This old minister has prescribed a medicine yesterday for the Princess Consort that can calm her nerves.  Once the Princess Consort drinks the medicine, she will quickly wake up.”

“Then you should quickly go and decoct the medicine!”  Mo Chuan couldn’t help staring at him.

This old doctor was truly becoming more confused with age.  He was telling a bunch of things to him, but he wasn’t doing what was important.

“No need, no need.  The Princess Consort’s problem isn’t serious and as long as the emperor guards by her side, she will wake up soon.”  Doctor Zhang stroked his beard while taking a meaningful look at the emperor.

He was very intelligent and knew when to stop.

For this kind of matter that involved the royal family, he just needed to keep it in his heart.  He could not hope to be involved, otherwise he wouldn’t know how he lost his head.

“Emperor, this old minister will leave first.”  He saw that there was nothing involving him here anymore, so he decided it would be best to disappear first.

“Wait a minute.  Doctor Zhang, tell this one, yesterday…..why did she faint!”

Mo Chuan sat by the bed holding her hand.  Her fingers felt as cool as jade.

Since doctor Zhang had already seen through it, he did not want to hide it from the old doctor anymore and he didn’t want to hide this fact any longer.

Doctor Zhang’s old eyes did not know where to look.  He cleared his throat and said, “When this old minister arrived, the Princess Consort had already fainted, but King Ding Yuan was guarding by her side at the time.  According to what this old minister knows, the Princess Consort seemed like she suffered a strong stimulation which made her faint. After she had ingested the medicine, she refused to awake which was also because King Ding Yuan was by her side.”

“Chu, Shao, Yang!”  Mo Chuan’s pupil’s shrank as he spoke word for word.

He suddenly thought of something.  Before she had fainted, she had muttered an unclear name which was: Chu Shao Yang!

The reason why she fainted was definitely because she couldn’t get rid of Chu Shao Yang!

Damn, what did that bastard Chu Shao Yang say and do to her!

Mo Chuan clenched his fist, wishing that he could immediately catch Chu Shao Yang and understand everything.

“Emperor, please calm yourself.  The Princess Consort’s heart is calm now and should awaken before long.  Ke, ke, this old minister will leave first.” Doctor Zhang closed his medical case and prepared to leave.

“Doctor Zhang, decoct another portion of the medicine you made yesterday.”

Mo Chuan had already recovered his calm.  He held Chen Ning’s hand and he looked at her face without blinking, but her face still did not have any blood in it.

Although doctor Zhang said that she was fine, he did not feel assured.

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