Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 526

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Chapter 526: Incurable disease

When Empress Dowager Zhou heard this, she slowly nodded her head, “Very good.  Go and prepare a sedan, this widow is going to the doctors yard to have a look at what illness this princess has.”

She once again returned to her graceful and noble appearance, but Su Jin’s heart suddenly felt a chill and she couldn’t help looking over at Xiao Si.  What had this brat said to the Empress Dowager!

In the doctors yard.

Over a dozen doctors led by doctor Zhang were encircled around a bed, taking the pulse of the unconscious Chen Ning lying on the bed.

After the doctors took the pulse, they had heavy faces and no one said a word.  They all looked over at doctor Zhang.

In the doctors yard, they cared about who was the oldest, had the most medical experience,  and was the most trusted by the emperor and Empress Dowager.

So all the doctors considered him the leader.

Doctor Zhang stroked his little white beard and contemplated with a frown on his face.  His eyes were on Chen Ning’s face on the bed and after thinking about it, he reached out to take the pulse on her left hand.

Mo Chuan’s usual calm face could not help revealing a look of worry.  He stared at doctor Zhang without blinking, waiting with great difficulty for him to take back his hand and he immediately asked in a low voice, “Doctor Zhang, what illness does she have?  Why did she suddenly faint? When will she awaken again?”

Doctor Zhang shook his head and said nothing.

Mo Chuan’s heart became tense, his breathing stopped, and his handsome face turned pale.

“Emperor, please calm yourself.  This old minister’s meaning is that the Princess Consort is not ill.”  Doctor Zhang looked up to see Mo Chuan’s expression and was shocked, quickly explaining everything to him.

“Not sick?  Why would she suddenly faint if she wasn’t sick?  Why does she refuse to wake up?” Mo Chuan couldn’t help knitting his brows.

He always believed in doctor Zhang’s skills, but in this moment, he was filled with doubts.

On the road back, he had been holding her the entire time and calling out to her, but she did not react at all.  If it hadn’t been for him noticing her heartbeat and the heat coming from her body, he would have thought that he had lost her.

This apprehensive feeling of being worried almost tortured him into insanity.

He had thought that doctor Zhang would surely cure him, but he never thought that doctor Zhang would tell him: not ill!

“Ke, ke, ke, emperor, this old minister has a few words to say to the emperor alone.”  Doctor Zhang suddenly spoke.

Mo Chuan was a bit surprised and then waved his hand, sending the over a dozen doctors away.  Even the maids and eunuchs had all disappeared without a trace.

When everyone left, Mo Chuan stared at doctor Zhang with a slightly trembling voice, “Doctor Zhang, tell me the truth.  Does she…..have an incurable illness?”

Doctor Zhang immediately shook his head.  He looked at Mo Chuan with a complicated gaze and then lowered his head to say, “This old minister wants to ask the emperor, when the Princess Consort fainted, was the emperor by her side?”

Mo Chuan immediately understood why doctor Zhang wanted everyone else to retreat.

His face turned a bit red and his eyes fell onto Chen Ning’s face.  Without looking away, he said in a low and firm voice, “That’s right.”

He knew that doctor Zhang was old, but the older one is, the more clearly they saw things.  The matter between him and Ning’er could not be hidden from this old doctor.

Doctor Zhang couldn’t help giving a few coughs.  Mo Chuan’s answers had been to his expectations and had also surpassed them.

“Ke, ke, then emperor, before the Princess Consort fainted, did the emperor say something to the Princess Consort?”  He continued to say with a bowed head.

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