Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 528

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Chapter 528: Becoming familiar

“Yes, yes, this old minister will go now.”  Doctor Zhang replied and retreated.

The room was very quiet.  The others did not dare enter without Mo Chuan’s orders, so they were far away from the room.

Mo Chuan sat on the bed and held her hand as his eyes turned dark.

Although he sat there without moving, his heart was far from being as calm as his face.

“Du, du, du!”  Knocking came from the door, it was a little eunuch sending over the brewed medicine.

“Get out!”  He did not even spare a glance for the little eunuch.

Because he saw her long, dense lashes flutter and then slightly move up.  His heart skipped a beat and he held her hand as he said in a trembling voice, “Ning’er, you’re awake?”

Chen Ning opened her eyes.  She was still a little groggy and everything looked blurry in front of her.

But she heard a familiar voice and her lips slightly move as she spat out two words, “Mo Chuan?”

“I am here.”

She felt her hand being tightly grasped by a burning hand and she slowly came to her senses.  Blinking her eyes, she saw a pair of deep eyes in front of her that were like the stars in a cold night.

It was Mo Chuan.

Her heart suddenly relaxed.

“I…..What happened to me just now?  Also, where is this place?” She looked around and found that she was lying on an unfamiliar bed.  She was in unfamiliar surroundings and there was the smell of medicine filling the room.

“This is the doctors yard.  When you were in the other courtyard’s hot springs, you suddenly fainted, so I brought you here.  The doctor has already looked over you and you are fine, but you need to drink your medicine first.”

Mo Chuan’s expression was very calm and his voice was very gentle.  He helped her up and leaned her in his arms. He then lifted the medicine bowl and tested the temperature with his lips before bringing it up to her lips.

“I fainted again?”  She knit her brows and raised her hand to touch her chest.  Her heart was still beating a bit fast, but it had calmed down quite a bit.

“Un.  The doctor said that you were overly excited and this medicine will calm your nerves.  Come, drink your medicine.”

When the smell of medicine hit Chen Ning’s nose, her nose went crooked.  She said, “I won’t drink it. You just said that the doctor said that I was fine.  I’m not sick, so I won’t drink the medicine.

Her childish act made his heart soften, but thinking of her body’s condition, he still insisted.

“You have to drink.”  He ordered.

“Wu, I won’t.  Medicine is very disgusting.”  She turned her head.

He stared at her and his eyes slightly turned dark.  His two fingers held her chin and forced her to look back at him.

“If you don’t drink, then I’ll feed it to you!”  He said in a threatening tone.

“Even if you feed me, I won’t drink it.”

As soon as her words fell, she saw him lift the bowl without saying another word and taking a large mouthful.  Before she could even react, his lips was already pressed against her lips.

After the experience of feeding the wine, he was familiar with how to feed this medicine.

She was forced to swallow a large mouthful.  Her face quickly turned red, looking at him in shame and anger.


His lips pressed against hers again and a second mouthful entered her lips.

“Mo Chuan, I don’t…..Wu!”

The medicine was bitter, but her heart was sweet.  The bowl of medicine had completely disappeared, but his lips still had not left hers.

He closed his eyes and warmly indulged in kissing her.

It was like there was a garden in blooming in her heart.

She slightly opened her eyes, watching him as he kissed her.  She could not bear closing her eyes because she wanted to remember his appearance and every expression he made, never forgetting it.

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