Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 521

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Chapter 521: Like you

“It’s true, every word was true.  Mo Chuan, I like you, I like you a lot!”  She forced it out. There were only the two of them here, so she didn’t need to feel embarrassed.  She had even said and done more embarrassing things compared to this, so what was she afraid of.

Mo Chuan revealed a smile.

He liked this kind of her.  She was never like those hypocritical large family daughters, she dared to take responsibility for her actions.

Only there was one thing that was bad.  Her words had made him soar into the heavens and if she didn’t place the ladder down for him, he would not know how to continue.

“Mo Chuan, I like you.  Then do you like me?” She raised her long lashes, looking at him with eyes that sparkled like the stars.

Silly girl, do you even need to ask this?

He tenderly looked at her with eyes as deep as water and more intoxicating than wine.  She did not even need to drink and she could be intoxicated by his eyes alone.

“I do, very, very much.”  He replied in a low voice, with each word coming from the heart.

He lowered his head and placed his forehead against hers.  He pulled her hand and pressed it against his chest, letting her feel his rapid heartbeat.

“Ning’er, can you feel it?  Can you feel how much I love you?”  His heart was beating strongly in her hand, “I place you here and no one can ever take you away from here.  No one can accomplish this!”

In this world, there was nothing sweeter and more intoxicating than words between lovers.

Chen Ning felt like her entire body was submerged in an intoxicating sea of honey.

She closed her eyes and leaned against him, feeling the strength of his heartbeat.  Even the sound of his heart beating was so beautiful.

“Feel it.  This fast beating heart, it beats for you!”

Suddenly, a strong voice rang in her ears.  She was surprised and opened her eyes, feeling shock beyond compare.

It was Chu Shao Yang!

That voice was clearly Chu Shao Yang’s!

Waves of pain suddenly filled her chest and her face lost all their blood.  Her chest felt like she couldn’t breathe.

She grabbed the clothes at her chest and revealed a pained expression.

“Chu…..Shao……Yang……”  She muttered these three words.

“Ning’er, what’s wrong?  What did you say?” Mo Chuan hugged her.

She fell in his arms with a face as pale as paper and tightly closed eyes.  She had already fainted.

“Ning’er, Ning’er!”  He shouted in her ears, but she did not move at all.  With a snow white face and dark black hair, she silently laid there like she was sleeping.

Mo Chuan’s heart was tugged by an invisible hand and his face also turned as white as paper.  His lips trembled and he almost did not dare check for her breath.

Why did she suddenly faint?  Did he say something? Do something?

His trembling finger went forward to check her breathing.  He felt that her breathing was weak, almost as if it wasn’t there.

He couldn’t mind his suspicions and placed his face near her chest, listening for her heartbeat.

Her heartbeat was sometimes fast, sometimes slow, being very irregular.

It’s good, she’s still alive!

As long as she still had a single breath, he would not let anything happen to her!

The doctor court had the best doctor, so she would definitely wake up.  Definitely.

He picked her up in his arms and tightly wrapped her up.  Holding her in his arms, as soon as he walked out of the room, he was hit by the dazzling sunlight.

Without knowing it, it was already daybreak.

Mo Chaun’s footstep paused as he suddenly realized that he had stayed with her for an entire night.  The time had flew by and he had been unaware of it.

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