Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 522

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Chapter 522: Did they elope

The most important thing was that he had forgotten the most important thing for an emperor: morning court!

Ever since he rose to his throne, he had been very diligent, doing everything himself.  He had never once missed morning court.

Even when he was pretending to be an assassin and followed her around as a bodyguard, he never missed a single day.

But today, he had forgotten all of it.

But he didn’t care about that.  To him right now, there was nothing more important than her!

Mo Chuan’s eyes filled with a look of determination.  He tightly hugged her as he used his qinggong, flying towards the royal city.

At the same time, Empress Dowager Zhou in the Peaceful Life Palace received the news and her face filled with anger.

“What did you say?  The emperor did not have morning court?  Where is her now, call him over for this widow!”

She had always been calm, but now she raised her hand and smashed her favourite teacup.

“Please calm your anger, Empress Dowager.  The emperor is not in the palace at this moment and this servant has already sent someone to find the emperor.  Once news comes, this servant will immediately report to the Empress Dowager.”

Su Jin carefully replied.

“Go to the Eldest Princess Palace!”  Empress Dowager spoke again in a cold voice.

“The emperor is not in the Eldest Princess Palace…..”  Su Jin hesitantly replied.

“Not there?  Impossible!” Empress Dowager Zhou was panting while sitting up on the couch.  She was feeling more and more angry as she slapped the table and shouted, “Go to the Eldest Princess Palace and summon the Ding Yuan Princess into the palace!”

Su Jin shook her head and said, “This servant has already sent someone, but the Princess Consort is not in the palace.”

When Empress Dowager Zhou heard this, her face turned even more livid and her hand couldn’t stop shaking.

Could it be that the emperor eloped with the girl surnamed Chen?


She had watched the emperor grow up and she had painstakingly raised him.  He shouldered the responsibilities and life line of the West Chu Country, he would not mix up his priorities and do something as outrageous as this!


After Empress Dowager Zhou thought about it, her two thin brows wrinkled together.

The emperor was calm and cool headed, but he was also a man in his twenties that was beginning to fall in love, how could he withstand the temptation of a charming woman?

What if the two of them gave in to their impulses and did something that couldn’t be taken back, then what should she do?

Even if the two of them did not elope, not returning at night and the emperor forgetting morning court, what good thing could they have done!

She was filled with regret at this moment, why had she been soft hearted and not finish off that girl?  Now this kind of hard to solve situation had occurred.

“Then summon Eldest Princess An Le to see this widow.  She disappeared in her palace, so this widow will ask her to find the person!  If it wasn’t for this girl’s meddling, that girl surnamed Chen would have returned to the King Ding Yuan palace and how could the emperor have a chance!  This widow needs to teach this girl a good lesson!”

Empress Dowager Zhou was filled with anger and she shifted this anger onto Eldest Princess An Le.

“Empress Dowager, this servant has something to say, but I don’t know if it is appropriate.”  Su Jin observed Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression and although she was scared, she mustered up her courage to speak.

“What is it?  If it wasn’t for you protecting that girl surnamed Chen and speaking up for her, this widow would not have left her to this day!  Su Jin, you are becoming more and more bold!”

While Empress Dowager Zhou was enraged, even Su Jin suffered.  She swept out her hand and pushed all the teacups on the table onto the ground.

“Empress Dowager, please calm your anger, it is this servant’s fault.  If you’re angry, then hit and insult this servant, please don’t harm your body with your anger.”

Su Jin’s face turned white as she kneeled down on the floor.

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