Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 520

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Chapter 520: If she wasn’t drunk, how great would that be

“Yi, I insulted you and hit you?”  She shook her head, “How could I possible land a hit on you.”

“Humph, you also said that this one was an old grandpa with a white beard and that Xiao Si was a toothless old eunuch!  Do you remember all of this?” He gave a gentle snort, but he secretly found this very funny.

Chen Ning laughed with a “puchi” sound.

She held her stomach, laughing so hard she couldn’t stand up.

“You’re lying to me, you’re describing me as a fool.”  She kept giggling. She couldn’t imagine that the intelligent her would say such stupid things when she was drunk, it really was embarrassing.

“Ning’er.”  He suddenly looked at her with a serious gaze, “Other than when you’re with this one, you’re not allowed to drink, do you understand?”  He said in a serious voice.

“Why?”  She looked over with a puzzled gaze, “Are you worried I’ll insult you again if I’m drunk?”

“Of course not.”  He shook his head.

“Then why?”

He raised his hand and used a finger to stroke her rose red lips.  With a smile, he said, “Because when you are drunk, you took the initiative to try and kiss me.  If you drink with others, are you not afraid that this one will become jealous and cut off that person’s head?”

“Ah!  Nonsense!”  Chen Ning’s face turned red in embarrassment.

How could she do something like that.

“I have never lied to you.  I am the emperor and must keep my word, do you think this one would lie?”  He suppressed his smile.

“I’m not listening and you shouldn’t keep talking.”  Chen Ning pulled the blanket over her head and wouldn’t come out no matter what he said.

She never thought that she would be this bold when she was drunk.  Could it be their first time was on her initiative? Shouldn’t he be taking the initiative for this kind of matters?

But why couldn’t she think of it at all.

“Ning’er, Ning’er?”  He pulled at her blanket, but she held it tight.

Mo Chuan’s eyes were filled with smiles.

This bold and daring girl finally knew how to be shy?

Why couldn’t she be shy when she was trying to pull off his pants!

He had a more important matter to tell her.

“Ning’er, do you want to know what else you said to me on the night you were drunk?  What you did? Un?” He deliberately slowed his voice, teasing her.

She gripped the blanket even tighter and her voice came from deep within the blanket, “I don’t, I don’t.  I don’t want to hear a single word.”

She felt like she had made a big mistake.  She must have said and done some absurd things.

Suddenly, the blanket in her hands were pulled away and his handsome face appeared in front of her.

“You don’t want to listen, but I have to ask.  The words you said that night, were they true?”  He looked at her with a very serious expression.

“What did I say?”  She asked in a surprised voice.

“You said……”  He paused and then said word for word, “You liked me.”

He could never forget the shock and excitement he felt the moment she said those words.

If she hadn’t been drunk…..how great it would be.

“Ah!”  Chen Ning cried out again and covered her face with her hands.

Mo Chuan pulled down her hands and looked straight into her eyes, not letting her escape at all.  Then he asked again in a serious voice, “Tell me, was what you said true?”

She was embarrassed and angry, not being able to stop herself from glaring at him.

If she didn’t like him, how could she take the initiative to kiss him?  Was he trying to force her to personally say it?

But why did he not say that he liked her?

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