Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 519

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Chapter 519: Have you also transmigrated

When he grew up later, he began to learn about political matters, until he became a member of the government.  He had spent everyday talking about the matters of the military and various heroes in the world, how could he knew stories that were designed to lure people to sleep!

“No problem, I tell you stories in the future.”  Chen Ning saw the sadness flashing in his eyes and immediately understood.  Her hand reached out from the blanket and she slowly held his large hand.

His hand was very soft as he gently held her, not baring to use any strength as he revealed a faint smile to her.

“Alright, then you’ll tell stories to me.  I want to hear the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.”

He thought of the night she was drunk and continued to call herself Little Red Riding Hood.  He had found it very strange, what was Little Red Riding Hood? He had never heard of it before.

“Pu!”  When Chen Ning heard this, she took a spit take.  Her clear eyes suddenly turned big and all the drowsiness disappeared.

She looked at Mo Chuan with a gaze of astonishment.

How did he know about Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf?

Could it be……

“Mo Chuan!  Have you also transmigrated?”  She excitedly sat up.

“What transmigrated?”  Mo Chuan could not understand this.

“Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!  If you didn’t transmigrate, how do you know this story?  Quickly tell me, what era did you transmigrate from? Are you also Chinese?”  Chen Ning could not suppress the excitement she felt. Her hands tightly grasped Mo Chuan’s hands as her face turned flushed and her eyes sparkled.

This was nectar after a long drought, meeting an old friend after a long time!

“Ning’er, what Chinese person do you mean?  What do you mean by era?” Mo Chuan was completely confused and became more confused the more he heard.

He knit his brows and looked at her with a doubtful gaze, “Ning’er, are you too tired?  Why are your words becoming even more confusing? Do you not remember what era this is? What do you mean by Chinese?  I am the emperor of West Chu and we are both people from West Chu.”

He broke free of her grasp and put his hand on her forehead.  It felt a bit hot, so he quickly wrapped the blanket around her and solemnly said, “You lie down, I’ll go find a doctor for you.”

“……”  Chen Ning realized that she had made a large mistake and her face became even warmer.

“Don’t bother finding a doctor, I’m fine.  This blanket is too thick and warm.” She reached her hand out from the blanket and grabbed the edge of his clothes, “Tell me, how do you know about Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf?”

“That night you were drunk, you said you were Little Red Riding Hood and that I was the Big Bad Wolf.  You also said that I would eat you up. Do you not remember that?” He revealed a faint smile as he remembered the scene from that night, feeling an endless warmth.

“Damn, why do I speak nonsense when I become drunk and I remember nothing about it.”  Her head was filled with regret and felt a bit guilty towards him. She stammered out, “Then…..Mo Chuan, did I say anything else I shouldn’t have said that day?”

She couldn’t have also mentioned the entire story of her transmigrating right?

Mo Chuan revealed a serious expression, “Of course, you said many things you shouldn’t have said?”

When Chen Ning heard this, her heart became more chaotic.  In a small voice, she said, “Then tell me, what kinds of things did I say?”

“It was a bunch of things that result in you getting beheaded.”  He revealed his emperor’s prestige and said in a deep voice, “Do you want this one to tell you everything?”

She was even more curious and nodded.  He could not bear to chop of her head anyway.

“Not only did you insult this one, you even hit this one.  Did you forget all of that?”

He glared at her.  If she hadn’t been weak, his nose would have been beaten crooked by her.

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