Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 518

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Chapter 518: Pulling off his royal pants

She liked to see his face turn red when she teased him, it was much better than that indifferent face he usually had.

Especially when he used the words “bed warming” to scare her.  When she heard it, she almost burst out laughing.

This Mo Chuan, how could he be this cute!


Mo Chuan did not have a single way to deal with her and he was currently doubting whether the girl he loved was a transformed fox demon or not.  The things that others were afraid of, she did not fear. The things others did not dare do or say, she dared to say and do.

She even dared to pull off his pants!

In this world, she was definitely the only person that dared to pull off the emperor’s royal pants and would be the only person that dared to do so.

“Ning’er!”  He hugged her and pressed her down below him.

“What, you don’t want me to warm your bed now?”  She looked at him with a smile.

“I do, but not right now.  We’ll wait until the day of our wedding.”

He said in a gentle voice while gently looking at her.  Those eyes that were as intoxicating as spring water instantly melted her.

“Alright.”  She said in a soft voice.

Her smile disappeared and she no longer joked around.  Her heart felt warm and her eyes hazing over with emotions.  She slowly reached out to grab his neck and raised her head, gently kissing his smooth chin.

Mo Chuan’s adam’s apple slightly moved.  His eyes looked down at her pink lips and almost kissed them.  

But he couldn’t!

He was beginning to regain control, but if he kissed her, it would be hard to imagine the consequences.

He used a lot of strength to control himself and move away.  Then he came in close and kissed the top of her head as he gently said, “You sleep first.”

He looked at her with a doting gaze.  Her eyes were becoming more misted over, showing that she was clearly tired, but she was holding on to talk to him.

It was the same for him, he always felt that the time he spent with her passed very quickly.  It was like before she said a few words, time would quickly flow away like water.

But there was only a bit of time he could spend with her!

When she woke up, he would have to send her back to the Eldest Princess palace.  It would be unknown when he could see her again.

“I’m not tired, I want to speak with you.”

She couldn’t bear to close her eyes.  When she opened her eyes again, she did not know when she could see him again.

“No, you should obediently go to sleep!”  He ordered her out of habit.

“I won’t!”  She stubbornly opened her eyes.


“Then……if you tell me a story, perhaps I will fall asleep listening to it.”  She rolled her eyes.

She did not want to hear a story, but rather she wanted to hear his clear as flowing water voice.  No matter what he said, she would happily listen to.

“Tell a story?”  He was stunned, but then shook his head, “I don’t know how.”

“You’ve never heard of stories before?  When you were small, didn’t the Empress Dowager tell you bedtime stories before you went to sleep?”  She asked in a curious voice.

“No, she never did.”  He shook his head again and a trace of sadness flashed in his eyes.

As far as he could remember, he had never heard any bedtime stories.  Although Empress Dowager Zhou was his blood related mother, he was taken away from her side since he had been born.  The rules of the palace said that the mother could not raise the royal son, so he was raised by a nanny instead.

The nanny was only in charge of taking care of his meals and whether he was warm or not, how could she care about telling him stories.

He began studying when he was three and began practicing martial arts when he was five.  He had lessons every day the moment he opened his eyes and practiced until the moon was high in the sky, how could he have time to listen to stories.

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