Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Shutting her mouth with her own words

Although Chen Ning had learned capturing and fighting techniques in the modern era, it was still hard to fight against multiple enemies.  Facing all bulky maids with sticks just by herself, it would definitely not going to end well.

Walking into a losing situation, this was not something she would do.

She was more clear on seizing the king to fight the pawns compared to anyone else.

So she ignored all the maids coming for her.  She directly jumped out of the window and found the leader, Mother Lin.

It seemed like they really were afraid to hurt their leader.  Seeing Mother Lin being captured by Chen Ning and the face full of murderous intent Chen Ning had, all the maids stopped in their tracks.  They all stared at her, not daring to move.

“Little slut, let go of Mother Lin!  If you harm a single hair on her head, I promise you will suffer painful end!”

Maidservant Feng screamed out.  She was calling her slut just like Mother Lin was.  It was already flowing off the tongue for her.

“He, he.”  Chen Ning raised her eyebrows and laughed.  She turned her head to look at Mother Lin, “You keep talking about rules, but it seems like your little subordinate doesn’t seem to know the rules either.  Mother Lin, tell me, if a servant goes against its master like insulting the princess, according to the rules, what kind of punishment does she deserve?”

Mother Lin’s had a heavy feeling in her heart.  She gave a strong snort and refused to answer.

She didn’t believe that Chen Ning would do anything to her.  Unless the other party was tired of living, they wouldn’t dare pluck the hair off the butt of an old tiger like her.

Chen Ning smiled and said, “Since Mother Lin is not replying, does that mean you refuse to reply?  Or is it because you do not know the rules?  Alright, since you won’t reply, then I’ll just have to find someone who knows the rules to tell you.  Xia He!”  She shouted out.

Xia He unconsciously replied, “Servant is here!”

Once she and Chun Tao saw this scene, they were completely shocked.

Never in their dreams would they have thought that there would be someone in the king’s palace who dared to beat and insult Mother Lin.  She even dared to make Mother Lin kneel in front of her.  This princess’ manner was really admirable!

“Come and tell them.  If a servant goes against their master like insulting the princess, what kind of punishment do they deserve?”

Xia He’s lips just trembled.  She didn’t dare answer after looking over at Mother Lin, but once her gaze met Mother Lin’s sinister look, she felt her heart turn upside down as she loudly shouted, “Reporting to the princess, they deserve a heavy slap!”

She knew that the results would be the same whether she said it or not.  Mother Lin was already filled with hatred towards them.  Since she couldn’t escape, she might as well do her best to please the princess.

“Very good.”  Chen Ning nodded in satisfaction while facing Xia He.  This girl actually came through at the most crucial moment, she wasn’t wrong about her.

Chen Ning smiled and looked at Mother Lin, “Mother Lin, not only has your subordinate been rude, she even dares to insult this princess.  So, this princess will not teach anyone else today.  She will only be teaching you!  You are the king’s palace’s steward, yet the servants you raised do not even understand the rules!  Then this princess will just have to teach them what the rules are!”

“You, you, you…..”  Mother Lin was enraged by the words Chen Ning said to her.  The other side kept talking about the rules, but this was just shutting her mouth with her own words.  She could not say anything at all.

“Xia He, come over here.  Give her a heavy slap!”

Xia He was shocked.  Her eyes opened wide in disbelief as she said in surprise, “Princess!”

Slap Mother Lin?  How could she dare to do something like that?

“What, don’t you dare to do it?”  Chen Ning said.

“This servant will obey your orders.”  Xia He gritted her teeth and walked forward.  Then she raised her hand.  

Mother Lin suddenly raised her head and looked at Xia He with vicious eyes.  Her eyes were red as she coldly said, “You cheap servant, you actually dare to do it!”

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