Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Hitting them until they submit

Mother Lin was so angry that her chest was about to burst.

Being hit by Chen Ning, she could hold in this kind of anger, because Chen Ning was at least still the princess.  But, if she was slapped by a maidservant today, then all the prestige that she had earned in this king’s palace would all be gone.

After Xia He saw her gaze, the hand she had raised would not come down.

“Xia He, beat her up.  Even if the sky falls down today, this princess will there to support you!”

Chen Ning suddenly spoke out once again, trying to compel her.

Xia He finally found her courage.  She looked over at Chen Ning with a face filled with worship.

With the princess saying this, what did she not dare to do?

The hand she had raised did not hesitate to fall down.


Everyone was stunned by this one slap.

God dammit, this little girl’s truly has some courage.  She actually really dared to hit her!  She didn’t even look carefully just who she was hitting.  This was Mother Lin!

Mother Lin, the person who could make the entire King Ding Yuan’s palace tremble with just a single stomp of her foot!

Mother Lin’s eyes seemed like they would shoot out flames as she fiercely looked right at Xia He.

Xia He slapped out once again.  Since she had already hit her, she might as well keep hitting.  She should see this to the end.  She then slapped the stunned Mother Lin another ten times.

She felt very satisfied in her heart.

Mother Lin and her subordinates have lived in luxury in the king’s palace for many years and many servants have been beaten and scolded by them.  Not to mention Xia He, even her mother and father have been called out by Mother Lin’s group.  They could only listen to orders, letting them beat and insult them.  They were just like grandchildren.

[TL Note: Grandchildren basically mean someone who lets others walk over them.]

Now she could finally release all the pent up anger that she’s kept over the years.

Her slapping skills weren’t at the same level as Chen Ning.  The ten slaps she gave wasn’t as strong as the two slaps Chen Ning gave, but they made Mother Lin want to dig a hole in the ground and bury herself in it.

This was extremely embarrassing!

She, the dignified king’s palace’s steward, Mother Lin, was actually being beaten by a little maidservant.  By suffering this pain, she felt that it was incredibly embarrassing.

“Dead little girl, you just wait!”  Mother Lin began to insult Xia He, but she looked at Chen Ning with a fierce look.  It was almost as if she could drill a hole in Chen Ning’s face with just her eyes.

Of course she knew that the reason why Xia He dared to hit her was all because Chen Ning said that she would support her.

“It seems like Mother Lin still hasn’t learned the rules yet.  Xia He, keep hitting her for this princess.  When she says she understands the rules, then you can stop.”

Chen Ning enjoyed the expression on Mother Lin’s face, she couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

Not convinced?

Then I’ll just keep hitting you until you submit!

Her approach towards this kind of people was very simple and crude, but it was very effective.

“Yes, princess!”  Xia He loudly agreed and raised her hand once again.

Mother Lin was finally scared.  Seeing the look in Chen Ning’s eyes, she couldn’t help revealing a look of fear.

She never thought that Chen Ning would not care at all about her feelings, she would hit without hesitation.  If she didn’t submit to her soon, then she shouldn’t think about keeping her old face.

This was the so called order of soft fearing strong, strong fearing the unruly, and the unruly fearing those with no fear of death.

An unruly person meeting someone who didn’t fear death like Chen Ning, she had no choice but to submit.

“Princess, this old servant knows her wrongs.  This old servant begs the princess to give this old servant another chance.  This old servant has learned the rules and will on longer dare to offend the princess.”  Mother Lin finally spoke.  Her face was filled with shame as she admitted to her wrong doings.


Mother Lin was actually admitting her wrong doings to the princess?

The chins of the maids all fell to the ground and their eyes all popped out.  They couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

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