Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Putting someone in their place

Chun Tao and Xia He were also on the ground, being beaten by the maids with sticks.  They held their heads as they rolled around.

“Such a bold dog, daring to hit my people!”

Seeing Xiao Ru being hurt, the Chen Ning who had been sitting the whole time finally lost her calm expression.

Her eyebrows shot up and her eyes filled with anger.  Her right hand grabbed a teapot from the table which she threw at the head of the maid who had hit Xiao Ru.  With a “pa” sound, it hit the maid right in the head.

The teapot shattered and the hot tea inside spilled all over the maid.  The maid who had been drenched gave a pitiful scream just like a pig.

“Ah!  It burns!  My eyes…..I can’t see anything!  Ah, ah, ah, I’m blind, I’m blind!”  She screamed out in a panic.  

The other maids were all surprised.

Chen Ning didn’t even spare a single glance for the maids.  She stepped onto the windowsill with her right foot and kicked off with her left foot, instantly she jumped out from the room into the courtyard.

Mother Lin was standing there with her crutches, her face was filled with anger.  Suddenly she saw Chen Ning flying out and she couldn’t help being shocked.

Before she could even react, Chen Ning had already heavily slapped her across her face.


Mother Lin only felt her head feel faint and her ears begin to ring.  It took a while for her to even react.

She…..had been slapped by someone?!

This was impossible!

One of Mother Lin’s eyes turned swollen from being hit.  She turned around with eyes filled with bitterness as she viciously stared at Chen Ning, “Little slut, you actually dare to hit me?”

Chen Ning felt helpless.

This old dog’s teeth were truly sharp.  Even after being hit, she was still insulting others.

It seemed like she had hit her too light.

“What I just hit was an old undying dog!”

Chen Ning gave a laugh and backhanded with another slap.  Once again heavily hitting Mother Lin’s other cheek.

She had used all her strength with these two slaps.  She wanted to put this arrogant and overbearing Mother Lin in her place.

If she had not disrespected Mother Lin, there would be no place for her in this king’s palace in the future.

Mother Lin was so angry that she was trembling.  She took her crutches and tried to hit Chen Ning’s head.

She had been in this king’s palace for all these years, always being pampered.  She had never received this kind of humiliation or this kind of beating.

Chen Ning gave a faint smile and effortlessly caught Mother Lin’s crutches in her hands.  She twisted her hand and easily knocked Mother Lin down onto the ground.  With a putong sound, Mother Lin was kneeling down in front of Chen Ning.

Once the maids that rushed out from the house saw this, they all sucked in a cold breath.

God!  Were their eyes lying to them?  This stupid princess actually dared to hit Mother Lin?  Was she trying to go against the heavens?

Chen Ning forcefully placed the crutch on Mother Lin’s shoulder, making sure that she could not stand up.  At the same time, she was smiling as she looked at the shocked maids.

Mother Lin’s face had turned into a large red and purple bun.  She said in a low voice, “Princess, today’s events, this old servant will remember.”  Her voice was filled with a threatening tone.

Chen Ning gave a chuckle, not caring about it at all.

“Little slut, you dare to hit Mother Lin?  It seems like you’re tired of living!”

Maidservant Feng pointed right at Chen Ning and began to insult her.  She did not have any kind of respect for her.

She raised the stick in her hand and rushed right at Chen Ning.

Because in her eyes, there was no difference between Chen Ning and a dead person.

She had hit Mother Lin which was equivalent to slapping his highness’ face.  His highness would definitely not let her off.

The maids finally reacted and rushed at Chen Ning with their sticks together.

“Stop!  If you dare to move another step forward, I’ll dig a hole to bury this old dog in!”

Chen Ning coldly spoke as she placed a finger on Mother Lin’s right eyelid.

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  1. AquaticSilver says:

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