Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Being fooled by her

Inside the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion where Chen Bi Yun lived, Chu Shao Yang suddenly gave a large sneeze.

He looked out the window with a puzzled expression.  There was no wind blowing in.

Chen Bi Yun was leaning against the head of the bed.  Her maidservant Lan Xiang was carrying a bowl of supplement drink, slowly feeding it to her.

Her water filled eyes did not even look away from Chu Shao Yang for even a second.  Her eyes were filled with tender love.

Seeing Chu Shao Yang sneeze, she stopped drinking he supplement drink and immediately gave Lan Xiang an order, “Quickly bring a cloak for his highness.  It is windy outside, his highness needs to be careful of his health.”  Her voice was filled with concern.

Yesterday in the wedding hall, the secret of her being pregnant had been exposed.  She had lost face for him and had angered Chu Shao Yang, almost losing his favour.  Fortunately she had fallen and agitated the fetus.  After Chu Shao Yang’s concern for her after she fell, she began to feel much more confident.

As long as she can protect this child, as long as she continued to win Chu Shao Yang’s heart, the position of King Ding Yuan’s princess would eventually be hers!

But the hatred she had for Chen Ning only continued to increase.

“No need.”  Chu Shoa Yang pushed away the cloak Lan Xiang brought and walked over to the bed.  Seeing Chen Bi Yun’s thin face, he slightly wrinkled his brows.  

“Your highness, has this concubine’s body displeased you?”

Seeing Chu Shao Yang knit his brows, Chen Bi Yun’s heart went to her throat.  She wanted to sit up in the bed and be held by Chu Shao Yang.

“Yun’er, there’s something I have to tell you.”  His tone was very bad and his chin tightened.

“What is it?”  Chen Bi Yun became more nervous as she turned her eyes away out of guilt.

Chu Shao Yang didn’t pay attention to her appearance.  He had a weak face as he said, “Chen Ning…..she didn’t die.”

His voice was very dry, without a trace of warmth.

When the people he had sent to retrieve Chen Ning’s corpse reported back, he almost could not believe what they said.

He had clearly seen her spit out blood, her body twitching, and how she wouldn’t live much longer.  But once he turned his eyes away, those people that he sent to collect the corpse said that they had all been taught a fierce lesson.  The head maidservant had even been beaten by Chen Ning until she spat out blood and fainted.

How was this possible!

However, after he carefully examined the injuries that they had, his expression became very solemn.  

The marks on the servants faces were extremely swollen.  To cause this kind of injuries, it was not something that a sheltered young miss could do.  Especially the maidservant that had fainted, she had clearly suffered internal injuries.  

Did the untalented young miss Chen know martial arts?

If she really knew martial arts, then her spitting out blood and fainting was all done to trick him.


Once he thought about how Chen Ning had tricked him, the anger in Chu Shao Yang’s heart began to boil and he had no way to suppress it.

“Elder sister did not die?”  Chen Bi Yun was surprised.  Her heart was filled with hatred, but her face immediately displayed a surprised and happy expression, “Your highness, what my elder sister did in the wedding hall yesterday was not on purpose, you musn’t be mad at her.  In the end, it is all this concubine body’s fault, it is all my fault.  Elder sister not dying is very good news.  This concubine will go apologize to elder sister and hope that elder sister will forgive this concubine.”

After finishing, she struggled to get out of bed.

“Concubine empress, you must be careful with your body.  The doctor said that you’ve disturbed the fetus, so you must stay in bed and rest.  In any case, you cannot leave your bed now.”  Her trusted maidservant Lan Xiang immediately said.

“But, if I don’t receive forgiveness from my elder sister, this concubine will not be able to relax.”  Chen Bi Yu said with tearful eyes.

Her beautiful flower like face filled with tears caused Chu Shao Yang’s heart to fill with pain.

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