Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Even if you do not die, your skin will be peeled

“Yun’er, you just obediently lie here for me.  You’re not allowed to go anywhere!”

Chu Shao Yang held onto Chen Bi Yun and pulled her into his embrace.  He raised his head and a look of anger flash in his eyes.

“You haven’t done anything wrong to her.  The way she treated you in the wedding hall yesterday was truly too ruthless!  This kind of cheap person, this king will find someone to teach her a severe lesson!”

Chen Bi Yun relaxed in his embrace as she timidly said, “Your highness, regardless of anything, she still is this concubine’s elder sister.  No matter how she treats me, I will not hate her.  I beg you, since she is this concubine’s elder sister, please have mercy on her.”

No one could see the hidden desire in her eyes.

She knew that if she spoke this way, Chu Shao Yang would become even angrier and was less likely to show mercy.

Naturally, Chu Shao Yang gently rubbed her face and tenderly said, “Yun’er, this king truly can’t tell that the two of you are sisters.  You are this gently and kind, always thinking of others, while she is such an evil woman.  She almost caused to you lose our child yesterday!  You no longer have to worry, this king will never give her a chance to bully you again.”

He raised his head and coldly said, “Send down my orders.  The princess has escaped the palace and broken the family rules.  Let Mother Lin represent this king in giving out the punishments.  Immediately send out my orders!”

Mother Lin!

Hearing these words, Chen Bi Yu’s eyes lit up.

To become Chu Shao Yang’s princess, she had spent quite a bit of effort.  She had already inquired about everyone in this king’s palace, of course she knew who this Mother Lin was.

Leaning in Chu Shao Yang’s arms, she gave a shameless smile.

Chen Ning, even if you don’t die this time, your skin will still be peeled by Mother Lin!


“Princess, this isn’t good.  This servant has heard that his highness has just sent out Mother Lin to implement the family laws!”

Xia He truly was worth being the daughter of one of the palace’s families, she was very well informed.  Mother Lin had not left yet, but once she heard the news, she immediately came over to tell Chen Ning.

“Mother Lin?”  Chen Ning casually raised her eyebrows, “What kind of person is she?”

She had just finished washing up.  She hadn’t even had time to eat breakfast before Xia He came in with this news.

“Princess, you’ve never heard of Mother Lin’s name before?”  Xia He had a face of disbelief.

“What kind of famous person is she?”  Chen Ning asked back.

She was not familiar with the people of the King Ding Yuan palace.  From this name, she should just be an old nanny, it wasn’t worth Xia He being this shocked.

Once Xia He saw Chen Ning’s calm expression, she anxiously stomped her foot and said, “Princess, you might not know this, but Mother Lin was the nanny for his highness, she is also the steward of this palace.  All the matters of the palace all are handled by her alone, even the prince is full of respect towards her.  Once she handles the law, she will not have any tolerance.  You……You should think of a way to avoid it?   If you fall into Mother Lin’s hands, even if you are the princess, she will not care about that at all.  She will definitely give you a severe beating!”

Hearing this, Chen Ning smiled.  She turned to look at Xiao Ru and she said, “Remember what I told you last night?  If you beat all the small dogs, soon the old dog will come forward.”

The smile on her face did not fade as she lightly said, “This princess truly wants to meet this Mother Lin.  I also wish to see what kind of family laws this palace has!”

“Princess……”  Xia He was prepared to try persuading her again.

Suddenly, they heard a loud sound coming from the courtyards, just like someone kicking down the door.  She was surprised and she instantly closed her mouth.

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