Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Taking back all that is owed

Chen Ning smiled and poked her forehead, then she said, “Silly girl, I’m not doubting your ability to serve me, only you and I have both just entered into this palace.  In this palace, there are few people with morals and we don’t understand anything, just like being blind and deaf at the same time, but Chun Tao and Xia He are not the same.  Chun Tao has been in this palace for many years and Xia He is someone from one of the palace’s families, her parents are all servants with high positions.  If they pledge their allegiance to us, we will be gaining two pairs of eyes and ears in this palace.  In the future, no matter what we do, it will be much easier.  Tell me, doesn’t this make sense?”  Chen Ning persuasively said.

Xiao Ru was only listening and nodding.  Her face filled with awe as she said, “Young miss, you truly know a lot.  Even if this servant racked her head, she still wouldn’t be able to think of these reasons.”

Chen Ning slightly smiled and said, “Stop flattering me.  Let me ask you, is my dowry only these two boxes?”

She remembered that she was the country protecting palace’s young miss.  If this young miss was to be wed, how could her father only send her out with a dowry of two boxes?  Isn’t this simply a large joke?

No wonder everyone in the King Ding Yuan Palace all looked down on her.  Even Chun Tao and Xia He resented her shabby dowry.

“That’s right, young miss.”  After referring to the dowry, Xiao Ru revealed a look of anger.

“The madame had clearly left you twenty boxes as dowry, but when you were married, the second madame only prepared these two shabby dowry boxes, keeping the remaining eighteen boxes for herself.  This resulted in the entire city laughing at you.  Not only did they joke about your shabby dowry, they also said that you might not be old master’s blood daughter and that’s why they wouldn’t give you a proper dowry.  Did you not see King Ding Yuan’s face on the day of the wedding, it was even uglier than if he had eaten poop.  He did not even hold a ceremony with you and directly sent you to the bridal chamber.  Do you not remember what happened?”

“Second madame?”  Chen Ning searched through the original owner’s memories and found that it was exactly as Xiao Ru described it.

The second madame Xiao Ru had mentioned was her stepmother Lin, who was also Chen Bi Yun’s birth mother.

Her deceased mother had helped her prepare a very rich dowry, so rich that her stepmother and sister were jealous of her.  It was a pity that the original owner did not pay any attention to them.

“Then what about my other eighteen dowry boxes?”  Chen Ning asked.

“This servant doesn’t know, but this servant thinks that the second madame must have used the dowry taken from you as the second young miss’ dowry.  Those eighteen boxes the madame had prepared for you were all filled with good things, it would be impossible to estimate the value of each box.  The two dowry boxes that the second madame had left you only had some worthless silk and clothing, this servant is really angry just thinking about it!  Those two bracelets that attracted those two maidservants were things that were left from the other dowry boxes.  If the second madame and second young miss were to see them, they would definitely be jealous.  They would immediately try to steal them from young miss.”

Hearing this, Chen Ning couldn’t help calling the original owner a large idiot.

She pitied her misfortune and was angered by the fact she didn’t fight back.

She never would have imagined that the original Chen Ning would be bullied like this by her black hearted stepmother and sister.  Taking her dowry, taking her husband, and even taking her life.  No wonder she was unsatisfied when she died, she had died with with everlasting regret.

Very good.  Now that she, a soul from the twenty first century had come to occupy this body, she would take back everything the original owner was owed and they would all pay the blood debt!

She would make those that owed the original owner pay back their debts one by one!

Chu Shao Yang, he would be the first person!

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