Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Calling her as a white eyed wolf

The bronze mirror shined against a person, perfectly reflecting their face.

She saw that there was an animal drawn on both her cheeks.  The drawing was very simple, but it was very lifelike.

On the left side, there was a fox.  Its eyes were squinted and it was smiling.  It looked almost just like her.

On the right side, there was a wolf.  Its eyes were white and it was displaying a sharp claw.

Chen Ning didn’t even need to think about it to guess who had drawn these two ink paintings.

Who else could it be other than that beautiful young man!

She had slapped him once and he had drawn these two animals on her face as revenge.  He really had a bad temperament.

As for why he drew a wolf on her face, it was clearly to call her a “white eyed wolf”.  Someone who repays kindness with ingratitude!

Chen Ning was angry at first, but without knowing why, after looking at the two lifelike animals painted on her face, especially the sly looking little fox, she suddenly began to laugh.

This little brat better not appear in front of her again.  Otherwise she would definitely teach him an unforgettable lesson.

She washed her face and saw that Xiao Ru was staring at her with a look of surprise.  She lightly said, “This was something I drew for fun, don’t tell anyone else.”

Xiao Ru nodded her head.  She pushed her problems down into her stomach, but her heart continued to whisper.

The young miss’ hobby is really interesting, drawing things on her own face.  But, these two little animals are really well drawn, they’re really lifelike!

Chen Ning’s eyes swept across the room, finally falling on the two red boxes with golden outlines on them.  This was the dowry she brought with her.  Yesterday Chun Tao and Xia He had turned it inside out, but Xiao Ru had already neatly put things back together and placed all the clothes back in.

“Young miss, the bracelets that the madame has left behind for you, this servant has hidden under the mattress.  This time, we definitely will not let anyone steal them.”  Xiao Ru said.

Once she thought of what happened yesterday, she couldn’t help grinding her teeth in rage.

If it wasn’t for young miss stopping those two maidservants, then these two bracelets would already have disappeared.  The people of the King Ding Yuan palace, none of them were anything good.

What she couldn’t understand is that the young miss had clearly caught those maidservants red handed, so why did she let them off so easily?  For these people that dared to steal their master’s belonging, there was obviously the chance that they’ll try again.  She should have just completely gotten rid of them!

Chen Ning raised her eyes.  Seeing Xiao Ru’s little peach face showing an angry expression, she turned her eyes away since she could already guess what she was thinking.

“Do you want to ask me why I didn’t punish them for their wrongs, or do you want to ask me why I didn’t chase them away and kept them around?”

Xiao Ru forcefully nodded.

She was already used to the young miss reading her mind, she wasn’t surprised anymore.

“Yes, young miss, this servant cannot understand.  Aren’t there other servants in this palace?”

“Of course there are other servants, but can you guarantee that a new servant will be loyal to me?”  Chen Ning smiled and asked back.

“This…..”  Xiao Ru seemed like she couldn’t think of an answer.

“As for Chun Tao and Xia He, one of them poisoned me and the other stole my property.  Both of these are heavy crimes, but since I didn’t punish them for it, they’ll naturally feel grateful to me.  Moreover they are already in the palm of my hand, so could a new servant be as useful to me as they are?”  Chen Ning very patiently explained it all.

Xiao Ru suddenly said, “Yi, so it’s like this.”  She tilted her head to think because she was still a little anxious.  She then said, “Young miss, are you worried that this servant is good enough?  In fact, even if you sent them away, this servant can easily take care of your needs alone.”

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