Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: Do you like me

Mo Chuan’s breath stopped.

A sweet and beautiful young girl’s face appeared in front of him.

For a second, he almost could not recognize her.

But he quickly settled down.  It didn’t matter if she was beautiful or ugly, in his eyes, it was all the same.

“Emperor, am I beautiful today?”

“You are.”

He just told the truth.  He had never seen her this beautiful before.

“Then…..Do you like me?”  She tucked back a wisp of hair that touched his cheek, speaking in a soft voice.

It was like a small hand scratching at his heart.

His heart continued to beat faster.

She was no longer the clever person she was.  Her smile was enough to take anyone’s soul and contained a charm that even caused his heart of ice to melt.

“……”  Of course I do!

But his beautiful thin lips were pursed together, only staring at her with his deep, dark eyes.  However, the passionate flame that burnt inside his eyes was enough to tell her everything.

“Emperor, you said you would take responsibility for me, right?”  Seeing that he was not replying, she instead gave a smile and suddenly made a bold and unusual move.

She grabbed onto his neck.  Her long sleeves fell down, revealing two white lotus like arms.  Her nose touched his nose and her breath smelled like orchids.

His heart was so nervous that it almost jumped out.  His deep eyes were no longer calm and began to show great waves.  

However, as the emperor, he was used to hiding his expressions.  Although he could not suppress the feelings in his heart, his face remained calm, not showing any emotions.

“Un.”  He replied with a single sound.

He did not dare say a single word.  Her red lips were very close and if he leaned his head forward, he could……

“Then, your meaning is that you want me to enter the palace and be your woman?”

Her eyes sparkled, shining like clear water.  Her white teeth bit her lips as she chuckled, “Then what position will you give me?  Lady in waiting?  Attendant?  Concubine?  Or is it…..Empress?”

He was completely charmed, being intoxicated by her sweet smell and soft voice.  However, hearing these words was like a bucket of cold water falling him, instantly freezing his passion.

He was not a fool, how could he not hear the ridicule and scorn in her voice!

“Chen Ning!”  He finally couldn’t help saying something.  He suddenly grabbed the hand on his neck and firmly gripped it.

His deep, dark eyes were filled with emotions that she could not understand.

“What, is the emperor not willing?”  She charmingly curled her lips, “Then this minister’s concubine will obediently stay as the King Ding Yuan princess.  At least I’m still a legal wife, there is no need to become someone’s concubine!”

At this moment, Mo Chuan really wanted to strangle her!

He wanted to not understand the words that came out of her mouth.  They were more painful that someone stabbing him with a knife, each word stabbing him in his most painful place!

“Shut up!”

When Chen Ning wanted to talk again, he moved faster than her lips could part.  He first covered her mouth before angrily glaring at her.

If she kept talking, even he with a firm disposition didn’t dare promise that he wouldn’t do something crazy.

Chen Ning obediently closed her mouth.

Seeing the vein pop out on Mo Chuan’s head, she felt satisfied.  Her heart felt much more comfortable now.

It was clearly him that treated her like a fool by lying to her for so long, but seeing that calm expression he had when she met him again, she couldn’t help feeling very angry.

Now she had finally made him mad.

She had gotten even with him!

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  1. passingbyreader says:

    … I quite like Chen Ning’s actions at this point 😛

    Although it’s a bit mean perhaps to play with Xiao Hei after he had to wait so long, he also left her alone in the care of CSY, if he was more unscrupulous, there’s a very real chance she would have lost her chastity.

    Her words about what position also hold merit, it’s very obvious Chen Ning doesn’t want to be stuck in any sort of official position. I feel if he tries to collar her again after she just got away from CSY. Well.. the results wouldn’t be very appealing.

  2. Novelcrazy says:

    Hey…Don’t forgot csy is waiting outside. Not sure what he will plot cos he started to have feeling for CN. Let’s settle him first.
    Many thanks for many chapters. Big hug

  3. Anim says:

    So interesting…
    What will they do after this…

    I thought mochuan will kiss chen ning. Heheje

  4. joellyanne says:

    I am still waiting for them to kiss… Thank you for this chapter.

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