Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: Him above and her below

Mo Chuan had on hand on her lips and the other on the side of her face, like this, he was forcing her down between himself and the soft couch.

With him above and her below, his eyes shined with a faint light that gave him the prestige of a ruler!

But Chen Ning did not feel scared at all.

She was quite relaxed, lying on the couch in a charming manner, looking at him with eyes filled with provocation.

If she did not speak, he wouldn’t speak either.

The two of them were like two bulls butting heads, neither one was willing to back down.

Suddenly, a respectful voice came from outside the room.

“Reporting to the emperor.  The ministers have all gathered, so we ask the emperor to come to the banquet hall.”

A single voice awoke the two of them staring at each other.

Mo Chuan quickly let her go and moved back three steps, maintaining the proper distance between the emperor and a subject.

He gave a gentle cough and the door was opened.  A blue clothed little eunuch came in and bowed to him.

“Emperor, the eldest princess has asked this servant to come get you.  When will the emperor…..”  That little eunuch looked up and saw Chen Ning lying down on the couch.  His mouth opened wide as he revealed a look of astonishment.

“She, she, she…….who is she?”  The little eunuch blurted out.

Mo Chuan’s face sank and he shouted, “Presumptuous!”

Chen Ning felt that this little eunuch’s voice was familiar.  Looking over and giving a gasp, she shouted, “Xiao Si?”

This little eunuch was the blue clothed youth that always followed Mo Chuan, Xiao Si.

The shock on her face did not lose to Xiao Si’s.

Although she knew that Mo Chuan was the emperor, then she should have known Xiao Si’s identity, but she couldn’t think of this in such a short period of time, so she was shocked to see Xiao Si dressed in the eunuch’s robes.

“You, you, you recognize me?”  Xiao Si’s face was filled with confusion.

He had only seen Chen Ning’s appearance with makeup on, with a completely yellow face and mediocre appearance.  This red clothed girl on the couch was as beautiful as a fairy.

How could he match the two of them together?

“I don’t!”  Thinking how this fox like Xiao Si was like his master, birds of the same flock, Chen Ning curled her lips and then looked away from him.

Her heart felt strange as she suddenly thought of Xiao Ru.  What would that dumb little girl think if she knew that the fox like Xiao Si was actually an eunuch?

“Xiao Si, scram!”  Mo Chuan suddenly in an angry voice.

When he saw Xiao Si staring right at her without even blinking, his heart filled with anger.

Even if he was a eunuch, this wasn’t allowed!

But Xiao Si didn’t hear him in his daze.

His heart filled with waves as he stared at Chen Ning, thinking to himself, “This miss is so beautiful, who is she?  The emperor has never approached any women, so how could there suddenly be a beautiful miss inside his study?  Wu, it seems like the emperor’s face is strange, like he’s filled with anger.  Is he blaming me for disturbing his good times?  That miss’ face is also covered in a blush, her red robes seem wrinkled, and she’s sitting on the emperor’s royal couch……Ze, ze, ze, it seems like the two of them were having their own fun!”

“Scram!”  Mo Chuan had no expressions on his face as he kicked Xiao Si’s butt, breaking his thoughts.

“Yes, yes, this servant will scram.”  Xiao Si finally realized he had provoked the dragon.

He hugged his head and rolled outside.

“Come back!”  Mo Chuan coldly ordered.

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