Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: She was his taboo

“Do you have to speak to me in this kind of tone?”  Mo Chuan looked at her indifferent look of refusal and his heart felt pain.

Only the heavens knew that in the past few days, almost every second was spent thinking about the reunion they would have today.

He thought of many possibilities.  He thought that she might be pleasantly surprised or happy, but he never thought that she would give him this cold look of refusal.

“Does the emperor feel that this minister’s concubine’s tone of voice isn’t respectful enough?  I’m very sorry, this minister’s wife has always been like this.  If you don’t like listening to it, then feel free to have someone cut off this minister’s concubine’s head.”

Chen Ning curled her lips in a ridiculing manner, but still refused to look at him, “That’s right, the emperor does not need to send for anyone to take this minister’s concubine’s head.  The emperor has high skills in martial arts and can take anyone’s head if he wished to do so.”

Mo Chuan tightly gritted his teeth.  His enthusiastic mood had been completely frozen by her ice cold disposition!

This girl.  She kept saying minister’s concubine again and again.  Was she planning to anger him to death?

“In front of me, you don’t need to refer to yourself as a minister’s concubine.”

Those words hurt his ears.  Every time she said those words, he kept remembering her identity!

She was the King Ding Yuan princess.  She was also…..the woman of his royal nephew!

She was his taboo that could never be touched!

“Then how does the emperor wish for me to address myself as?”  Chen Ning curled her lips and finally looked up at him.

These eyes sparkled like pools of water, making the ice cold lake in his heart stir like a spring lake.

He knew that as long as he saw her eyes, he would lose the armour surrounding him.  He could never be angry with her!

“No matter who I am or what my status is, I will always keep my words!”

He suddenly felt an impulse to tightly grab her in his embrace.  So tight that she could never struggle out of it.

His smooth chin rubbed her ears.  He spoke in a low voice, but every word was spoken in a strong voice and was very heartfelt.

Screw his rules!  Screw his taboos!

He just wanted to hug her!

Chen Ning closed her eyes.  This was a very familiar embrace to her.  When he was still pretending to be an assassin, he had also forcefully hugged her before.  At that time, her heart had filled with a sweet feeling of anticipation…..

But now, she just felt that it was all very funny!

“Twenty four years old, never marrying before and never having a betrothal……”

The words he said in the past entered her ears again.

He had also shamelessly said that he would let her be his matchmaker!

What kind of status did he have?

He was the untouchable emperor above tens of thousands of people!

He was the ninety fifth venerated ruler!

There were countless woman in his palace!

How bored was he to pretend to be an assassin and stay by her side then entire time!

Teasing her and watching her slowly fall in love with him, was this the skill of using his emperor status to catch a girl?  He, he, this was really clever!

She, Chen Ning had actually fallen for his trick!

“Emperor, I can’t breathe with you hugging me.  You….Can you let me go and let me catch my breath?”

She suddenly opened her eyes and spoke in a voice with the gentleness and charm of a young girl.

Mo Chuan’s clear eyes rippled and his heart became warm.

This girl, why did she say it like this!  Hearing this soft tone of voice, how could he bare to let her go!

“Alright.”  Even if he wasn’t willing, he was unable to refuse her soft spoken request.

He slowly released his grip, but his eyes could not bare to leave Chen Ning’s face.

She was wearing a veil which only revealed a pair of eyes.  She gently looked down and took a few breaths.  Reaching out to take off the veil, she slowly looked up and gave him a beautiful smile.

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